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Fashion story in the June issue of INSTYLE Polska feat. Rose Kwiatkowska and hairstylist Gor DURYAN c/o AFPHOTO

For a fashion story of the INSTYLE Polska June issue, it was off the dessert for hairstylist Gor DURYAN c/o AFPHOTO and his team. Myriam c/o Rebel, Rose Kwiatkowska c/o AS Management and Alicja c/o Mango were photographed by Agnieszka Kulesza & Łukasz Pik. Production was taken care of by Anna Bulska, with post production by Color Workz (styling: Agnieszka Dubas, make-up: Iza Kućmierowska c/o Complete Artists).
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'Somewhere in the Countryside' – fashion editorial in SEZON magazine, photographed by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO

Somewhere in the countryside. Waiting for somebody to like it. Do you? Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO photographed the 'Countryside' editorial with Igor, Jan c/o AS Management & Polka for SEZON Magazine. Styling of Michał Koszek c/o Van Dorsen, make-up by Wilson & hair by Michal Bielecki.
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'Beauty' story with Caroline Winberg in VOGUE Polska, photos: WUNSCHE & SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO

WUNSCHE & SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO photographed Swedish model Caroline Winberg c/o IMG for a summery editorial in VOGUE Polska. Scenography was the idea of Anna Szczęsny, and it was produced by Elżbieta Czaja & Anna Anastasia Rybus c/o Prospero Production. Styling: Karolina Gruszecka, hair: Michal Bielecki & make-up: Anna Stykała.
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