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news | ‘The emojis you always wanted (and a few you didn’t know you needed)’ - Emoji Library by ANDREAS SAMUELSSON c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO for Nieves Publishing Zurich

For publishing house Nieves, ANDREAS SAMUELSSON c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO created an extensive Emoji library with 80 new Emojis that we absolutely need – from popsicles to sunny-side up eggs, clothes pins or even tampons (Download the Sticker Pack from the Apple App Store).

“With the right person, a pulse is created between the lines. You can feel how the other thinks, and together, a rhythm is created. The dialogue becomes like notes on a line… I also like the humorous undertone of a dialogue. With images, you can take it to a more abstract level and let the shapes and colors speak for themselves.” An interview with Andreas Samuelsson on the project is available via ITSNICETHAT.

ANDREAS SAMUELSSON is an image creator living in Gothenburg. With his seemingly stripped-down images, he makes the complicated simple and the simple a little more complicated by exploring, challenging and contrasting the representative, associative and concrete properties of line, surface and...

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