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#ModernTrail TIMBERLAND campaign & film by Thomas Hoeffgen c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER

Welcome to our #ModernTrail, where everyday is an adventure and every moment is to be discovered... Thomas HOEFFGEN once again photographed for his client and according to his slogan 'Everything we make is made for The Modern Trail'. Created along with the print motifs was also a short film which shows the collection.
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SWATCH SKIN 2017 #YOURMOVE campaign photographed and filmed by Sune Czajkowski c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER

Super-slim and light as a feather, Swatch Skins watches are the essence of elegance. Harmonious dial visuals and the signature 3.9 mm thin plastic case make for instant recognition of this iconic Swatch family... Sune Czajkowski realized the new campaign for SWATCH SKIN, the flattest watch line from Swatch. The watches almost weightlessly wrap themselves around the wrist for a true feeling of freedom – the feeling conveyed in the commercial.
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'High Summer' - the stylish Notes Du Nord S/S 2017 campaign, photographed by fashion & beauty photographer Sune Czajkowski c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER

Sune Czajkowski c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER photographed the latest campaign of the Danish  label Notes Du Nord S/S 2017. Styling of model Karoline Frydkjær Emmertsen was in the hands of Mette Krogsgaard

Notes du Nord is a new Danish brand established in 2015 with a strong international outlook. You can find us in several high-end shops in more than 13 countries spanning from Norway to New Zealand, bringing on more as they come along. "We chose our name – Notes du Nord – for several reasons. We wanted a name with an international feel. We wanted it to be feminine and re-affirm our nordic heritage. Translated into English, it simply means Northern Notes. The artwork for our logo has subtle art deco detailing in the letters N and E, a hint of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s..:"
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