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Uncompromising aesthetics meet high performance - stylist, editor, and consultant Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE presents you the PORSCHE DESIGN S/S 2020 campaign on GoSee

Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE styled the PORSCHE DESIGN S/S 2020 Fashion/Sport campaign for PORSCHE DESIGN. PORSCHE DESIGN on the collection: “Electrifying, exclusive, unique in design and function: The new Porsche Design Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the digital nomads of our times. The styles are as extraordinary as they are smart and cool – just like the men who wear them. They do not merely meet standards, they set them.

Exclusive fabrics, innovative craftsmanship, highly functional details: Like the digital nomads, the collection relies on mobility, individualism and the most modern technology. Forward-thinking is reflected just as much in the progressive, flexible style as in sustainable production – and gives your style an unmistakable character.”

The campaign was photographed by Jonas Unger in Berlin, and the producer was Bettina Beismann from i like productions. GoSee:
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STIEBICH & RIETH S/S 2020 campaign - photos by Stephan Abry and consulting, styling as well as set styling by Winnie Placzko, both artists c/o AK/KRUSE

The ongoing collaboration between multifaceted stylist, consultant and editor Winnie Placzko, photographer Stephan Abry and the creators of the finest leather goods, STIEBICH & RIETH, is now entering a new season. The S/S 2020 campaign was produced and cast by AK/KRUSE, featuring model Sophia AK Friesen with hair & make-up by Stelli. GoSee:
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Ferry van der Nat photographs ‘DESIRE’ for French magazine ANTIDOTE - with styling by Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE

Paris-based magazine ANTIDOTE calls for diversity and coincides perfectly with Christian STEMMLER’s c/o AK/KRUSE mindset and his work as a dedicated fashion editor, yet each issue is created by a sole photographer. The DESIRE issue was shot by Ferry van der Nat. “As a regular contributing fashion editor, Christian created a fashion diversity masterpiece for him.” says AK/KRUSE.
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