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news | 'Skate Along' - a cool kids lifestyle & sports spread photographed by Cheyenne ELLIS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MGMT in Topanga Canyon

theadventuresofkodiakandridge – Cheyenne’s daredevil nephews... The photographer realized a kids spread in Topanga Canyon in California’s Santa Monica Mountains. The action-packed lifestyle spread was realized with plenty of props. Cheyenne comes from a stuntman family by the way and is known to jump out of windows in her spare time now and again. She also doubled at a younger age for actresses including Katherine Heigl or Rebecca Romijn. One look at this spread and it’s clear that thirst for adventure must run in the family. “Stunts have kept me active, involved with the family business, and introduced me to some amazing people. They keeps me in shape, and honestly, have allowed me to shoot a lot of jobs that most clients wouldn’t typically trust a woman with. If a job involves anything on snow, in water, or hanging out of helicopters, I feel completely confident that I can get it done.” Cheyenne ELLIS is also the perfect partner for shoots that can tend to get a bit...

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