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news | Alyssa Pizer Management, Los Angeles, presents perfume and care product creations from the company Roger&Gallet, photographed by still life specialist Stéphane Pelletier

"Avant-garde by tradition" goes the motto of ROGER&GALLET. With a range of novel luxurious products, ROGER&GALLET has created a unique universe of care items and fragrances. Paris-based still life virtuosa Stéphane Pelletier c/o Alyssa Pizer Management photographed the delicate flacons, candles, soaps and luxe care products of the brand which stands for French elegance.

ROGER&GALLET has conquered the world from the very beginning with its Parisian art de vivre. All fragrances were created by French master perfumers; the flacons are by great French designers, and the etuis are adorned with ornate, poetic illustrations.

Stéphane Pelletier c/o Alyssa Pizer Management was born in Paris in 1969, but spent lots of his time in the countryside as an adolescent. He was interested in photography already at an early age on travels which took him to Tokyo, Miami and San Paulo. He began his career as a fashion photographer in the early nineties, working for Calvin Klein and Vogue before...

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