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NEW at ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT : A warm welcome to Rodger HOSTETLER, still life, West Coast, United States of America

Rodger Hostetler is a California-raised, West Coast-based commercial product photographer with a modern aesthetic and timeless presence. Rodger Hostetler works primarily in San Francisco and the greater Los Angeles area but is available for commissions throughout the US and abroad. In his work with retail and advertising clients such as Filson, Levi’s, Dockers, Walmart, Old Navy & Stitch Fix, Rodger always highlights the design and beauty of the product to engage the viewer in a new and interesting way.

Alyssa Pizer : “Currently living on a ranch in western Nevada, Rodger is a working cowboy. If he’s not photographing, he’s probably out riding horses, gathering cattle, or tending to animals. His wife also works as a stylist, and the two often collaborate on projects, using their 1,800 ft ranch studio.”
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ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT : Welcome To The Agency, Olivia GRAHAM, lover of coffee, flowers, yoga, Instagram, and truly bizarre news stories

Olivia Graham is a NY-raised fashion, lifestyle and beauty photographer with vast business experience and a keen eye for beauty. After studying photography and painting at Cornell University, Olivia worked as an assistant to a creative director at Harper’s Bazaar. Alyssa Pizer: “Her wonderful time at the magazine continues to inform her work today, as she successfully takes her viewers on a blissful break from reality.”

Going on to assist for five years also exposed Olivia to the world of creative content and further fueled her love for photography. Olivia’s clients include Cover Girl Cosmetics, Rimmel, Urban Decay, Marie Claire, In Style, Related Realty, Neiman Marcus, … to name a few.

Olivia currently lives in Greenwich with her French husband and three kids. When she’s not shooting, she can be found raising chickens with her family and playing with her dog and two cats. She is a self-proclaimed lover of coffee, flowers, yoga, Instagram, and truly bizarre news stories.
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Powerful, stylish, and feminine - Annie EDMONDS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographs for

“Carbon38 started with a spontaneous contest, a great idea, a fake website, and 14 post-it notes. We are now the best place on the Internet for performance fashion. Co-founded in 2012 by CEO Katie Warner Johnson, Carbon38 has been successful through the consideration of the multifaceted demands of today’s woman and by aiming to solve her needs through a extremely stylish and functionally driven wardrobe.

At the core of our philosophy lies the DNA of activewear: fit, fabric, and function. But rather than focusing only on her performance in the gym, we act as curators, collaborators, and creators of clothing that will enhance her performance in her life. The role of today’s woman is unprecedented – she has the agency to design and live the life that she wants, and she chooses Carbon38 because we provide her with the wardrobe she needs to feel her most powerful, stylish, and feminine.” The motifs presented here were photographed by Annie EDMONDS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT with models Milan Dixon and Lauren Johnson (among others c/o MUNICH MODELS) for CARBON38. GoSee :
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