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About Andreas Burz

Andreas Burz was born in 1956 in Stuttgart, Germany. Following graduation, he found employment in the hectic world of a commercial film-studio. Although at first interesting, it wasn’t long until he moved on to a more fulfilling role, assisting commercial photographers in Germany and abroad. It was here he discovered a more refined passion for composition and lighting techniques the film industry just couldn’t provide at this time.

It was in 1981 when Andreas found a home at one of Europe’s leading photo-studios and stayed for ten years working as an independent photographer.

Finally, in 1991, Andreas Burz established his own studio in his hometown Stuttgart. Using the latest state of the art technology equipment, he now works with leading advertising agencies and global brands, often earning national and international awards for his photography. Never one for standing still, he also works on location and travels to other photo-studios worldwide, wherever his photographic and expertise is required.

Clients of Andreas Burz

Adidas, Audi, Blanco, BMW, Dacia, Daimler, ENBW, Fiat, Hager, IVECO, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Sixt, Smart, ...