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Andreas Burz photographs atmospheric cityscapes in China. We have two examples for you on GoSee

The extreme ambiance with constantly changing lighting moods and the impressive architecture of both big pulsing cities, Beijing and Shanghai, were all the more reason for GoSee member ANDREAS BURZ to not only look for the appropriate, but instead the absolute perfect locations for his motifs.

In cooperation with Thomas Fritz from GoSee member RECOM based in Stuttgart, he realized the two works presented on GoSee, in which the rendered PORSCHE vehicles are integrated into the surroundings with ease. “The architecture, the natural light and vehicle design complement one another ideally.” Andreas Burz tells GoSee. See for yourself!
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Andreas Burz : Interpretation of the BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage on location in Shanghai & Beijing and with RECOM CGI in the studio

To authentically reflect the esthetics and spezial character, which the BMW design team gave the BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage, photographer Andreas Burz together with Recom Stuttgart (post production, previz, 360° spheres, CGI) and Art Director Julia Obermeier realized an impressive photo spread.

All locations were scouted in advance of the shoot in Shanghai and Beijing. The individual backplates, but also the corresponding 360° spheres were photographed to go with the previz during a second trip to asia. All photos of the vehicle were created months later in the studio, the set of which was used at the same time to add reflections in the vehicle as well as additional brass elements in the architecture via CGI during post production. The car debuted recently at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este and is based on the classic BMW 3.0 CSL from the 1970s.
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Meat and greet in China - Andreas Burz shows us an authentic Zhangye with hospitality and a slice of harsh reality

During a photo production for client BMW, photographer ANDREAS BURZ explored streets off the beaten track in China and encountered a road near the Mongolian border, which is firmly in the hands of local beef traders. In this almost archaic surroundings of the Zhangye town, he created direct and intense snapshots and pictures showing the hospitable and welcoming inhabitants of this region in their most intimate environment. The city in the Chinese province of Gansu is rather small in comparison, with just under 1.3 million inhabitants and is best known for the temple of the Great Buddha (Dafo Si) with the largest reclining Buddha statue in China. In his work, Andreas Burz gives us an insight into life there, away from all the tourist attractions.
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