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With the BMW VISION NEXT 100 and transportation photographer VICTOR JON GOICO in Austria - production ANGELIKA SYNEK

Just as sporty as the BMW VISION NEXT 100 was also the timing of this ultimately perfectly realized project. No more than a week was all ANGELIKA SYNEK Fotoproduktion had for location scouting, organization, coordination and finally the shoot date. The location was found in Austria – and thanks to the great support from the location proprietor, VICTOR JON GOICO and his team were able to shoot in the perfect architecture right on time.
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ANGELIKA SYNEK FOTOPPRODUKTION produces on the foot of the Schwabian Alb with photographer Bastian Görgens

Just outside of Stuttgart at the foot of the Swabian Alb, ANGELIKA SYNEK FOTOPPRODUKTION supported photographer Bastian Görgens on a personal work. Certainly nothing for late risers; the photography work started in the small dark hours of the morning on a closed interstate highway. We have the results for you on GoSee.
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Angelika Synek on a fantastic production voyage for the MERCEDES-BENZ Citan and Vito Tourer campaign and Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

As a part of the MERCEDES-BENZ Citan and Vito Tourer campaign, ANGELIKA SYNEK organized the shoot for the new fantastic motifs. The team had lots of fun especially with taking the photos for the agency LukasLindemannRosinski and the literally colorful production. The creative heads behind the color scheme were CDs Damian Kuczmierczyk and Henry Bose in cohorts with AD Jacqueline Mess. Photos were shot by Igor Panitz during wild color battles in imaginary worlds by Peter Böck, who was responsible for set construction. The colorful appearance of the little heroes from modeling agency and GoSee member BRODYBOOKINGS was in the hands of stylist Susi Bauer and visagist Kerstin Hajdu. The big job was cleaning up afterwards, but it was certainly well worth the ride.
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