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BLOG // file // UPdate16 | First confirmations for you on GoSee
// Meet the famous art producers of Kolle Rebbe and Jung von Matt Hamburg at UPdate16 Berlin. Hope to GoSee you soon !
NEWS // 18.04.2016 // GoSee is celebrating its annual (re)unification. We' ll be seeing you at UPdate16 Berlin on September 30th - Register now!
// Two perfect reasons for you to enjoy a long weekend in Berlin: On October 3rd, all of Germany will celebrate Unity Day. The nation-wide German holiday commemorates the country's unprecedented historical reunification, which finally came to fruition when the GDR became part of the Federal Republic of Germany on that day in 1990. Reason enough for GoSee to warm up for the celebration: On Friday, September 30th, we kick off the long weekend of creative (re)unification in the hip & happening ci…
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