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news | The LEXUS NX relies for the Canadian market on the topic of 'Reflections' in the city, forest & on the street – staged by transportation photographer Anke Luckmann

"As Lexus partners since 1998, we are proud of our achievements together in helping launch the brand in Canada and constructing the Lexus Dealer Association business in 2006. We’re honored to have supported the brand from its Canadian inception to #4 in the luxury market, most recently closing the gap with the German 3. Our reality: The Canadian market conditions differ greatly from our US counterpart. The Lexus badge at its infancy in Canada was not automatically considered to deliver on status, reward and prestige. This was a big hurdle during the Canadian debut of the brand, given our target was motivated by the cachet that came with a tier one luxury purchase. To overcome this challenge, our goal was to position Lexus Canada as sophisticated, modern, confident, bold and youthful. Our job on brand was to build positive appeal for Lexus." we quote Canadian agency DentsuBos on the topic of LEXUS in Canada.

For this appeal, the agency brought transportation photographer ANKE...

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