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news | Anke Luckmann photographed the Mazda MX-5 for Ramp magazine – ultimate roadster feeling under the sun of southern Spain

Anke Luckmann photographed the Mazda MX-5 for Ramp magazine. Together with Uli Praetor, it was off to southern Spain to scout a location. On the team from Red Indians Publishing were Creative Director Michael Köckritz, Art Directors Philipp Sille + Uli Praetor, Athanasios Tsintsaris as Art Buyer, and Roberto Castello Muñoz for production. Post production was in the hands of Jens Schmidt (cover) and Flavor3D (rest of the motifs + robots).

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news | Anke Luckmann photographs the 'Mercedes Benz Dream Cars' campaign for Daimler China and BBDO Beijing

Together with the team from Beijing Eye, Anke Luckmann realized a shoot for the agency BBDO Beijing and Daimler, China. The campaign was photographed themed upon the topic of 'Mercedes Benz Dream Cars' (client: Daimler China, BMBS, agency: BBDO, Beijing, Creative Team: Da Xiang , Account: Aeris Wu, production: Beijing Eye, producer: Sasha Alderson, Janita Qu, post production: Jenny Cremer/JD GJ).

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news | 'Warum nicht?' - is what the RENAULT campaign by ANKE LUCKMANN, made in Barcelona asks you

And “Falca realized a fantastic production” as Anke Luckmann puts it and adds almost mono-syllabic: “Why not ? Is what Barcelona's con artists thought when they stole my backpack and what was in it completely unnoticed while we were scouting, and we had to start all over again. Why me? I asked my self the rest of the day...” 'Why not?' is what the campaign for RENAULT asks you – photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN for the agency Publicis Pixelpark in and around Barcelo …

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news | Road Trip almost to the end of the world - transportation photographer ANKE LUCKMANN takes you to wild Galicia, the dangerously primordial north-west of Spain

Way up in the north-west of Spain – what felt almost like at end of the world – transportation photographer ANKE LUCKMANN made her road trip. She tells about the experience, “Costa da Muerte, a rocky coastal road which runs along the wild Atlantic, from lighthouse to lighthouse, really deserves its name.” Costa da Muerte is the part of the coast of Galicia, located in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula, between Malpica and west of A Coruña and Cape Finisterre. …

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news | The call of the stones... Photographer Anke LUCKMANN presents you her personal SARDEGNA project on GoSee

Sardinia is famous for its beaches, for its sand – and not least for its stones and stone formations. So it is not surprising that the Sardinians are also well-known for their stone cult and that ever since ancient times. Nowadays, any export of stones or even sand from the island belonging to Italy is forbidden under penalty. Fortunately, this does not apply to photographs – so we have the honor of presenting ANKE LUCKMANN's personal work about the stones of Sardinia here on GoSee. …

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news | 'Palm Springs' – deserted mid-century residential areas in glistening desert light, captured by Anke Luckmann

Anke Luckmann escaped the winter season here to the desert town of Palm Springs, the mecca for mid-century architecture, where she photographed a sunny architecture series between bungalows, palm trees and cacti – presented all here on GoSee. “Palm Springs with its exciting bungalow architecture – including works by the architects Albert Frey and Richard Neutra – served as the perfect location. A true paradise – not merely for architecture fans – and proof of …

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portfolio | Palm Springs

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news | Casio Edifice & Scuderia Toro Rosso - Formula 1 Hockenheimring reportage for the Watch Special of GQ Germany, photographed by Anke Luckmann

For the special edition of GQ Germany, the Watch Special 2016/2017, it was off to the Hockenheimring circuit and the Formula 1. Casio Edifice is sponsor of the Scuderia Toro Rosso. Pilots Carlos Sainz jr. and Daniil Kwjat were portrayed along with Team Manager Franz Tost. (DOP: Dana Roemhild-Fries, Editor: Jost Kaiser, Photo Agent: Kai Tietz, Post Production: Trey). We have the result here on GoSee.

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news | AUDI MAGAZINE presents 'Rainmaker' - native observations by Anke Luckmann in parallel to the AUDI commercial

Together with the agency loved, the transportation photographer Anke LUCKMANN realized the second part of the AUDI 'Rainmaker' spot for AUDI magazine. What was meant to be a shoot accompanying the commercial turned into an elaborate artificial art project. Here on GoSee, we now present the second part of the series. Creative Director on the shoot was Rouven Steinke. Post Production was taken care of by Jenny Cremer.

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news | 'Trees' in a dark series with atmospheric photos - subtle tree studies by Anke Luckmann

The passion of the photographer specialized in portrait and transportation are landscapes and particularly trees. Individual sculptures of nature endure wind and weather. And in some areas, there are so many that they are hardly noticed anymore. A mountain densely populated with treesradiates its very own tranquility. In Anke's latest 'Tree' spread, a few trees stick out with their different colors or, much more, by their lack of color. The dark series was realized by her in moody photos. You ha …

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