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Anna Tarrin, Baby & Children Photographer & Director, presents the summery kids video 'A little girl's secret' on GoSee

The Photographer and Director brings you on GoSee her new and very cute kids spot "A little girl's secret". Since 2017, the Hamburg-based Director has been represented by GoSee member Fröhlich Management.

Born in Hamburg into a family of advertisers, Anna practically grew up in photo and film studios. After her International Baccalaureate, a short excursion into the cinematographic world and half a year in New York, she shot her first advertising campaigns at the age of 19. She specialized in babies, kids & youth and has recently added beauty/skincare to her repertoire. Anna’s strength lies in the guidance of small models, and she loves to capture the pure and authentic moments that define childhood. Among her clients are Lindt, Milupa, Rewe, Hansaplast, Sanostol, Hella, Softlan, Agrarfrost, Deichmann, Leukoplast, Mama natura, Elefanten Schuhe, and s.Oliver Kids... just to name a few.
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'Enable kids to help right!' - Hamburg-based photographer Anna Tarrin shoots a first aid campaign for HANSAPLAST & DRK for the agency FCB Hamburg and presents you her LUNA MUM cover as well as personal kids work

ANNA TARRIN photographed underscoring the slogan 'No one is too small to be a helper' for the first aid campaign for HANSAPLAST & the Red Cross. The cooperation is all about spreading knowledge of first aid in everyday situations. The agency was FCB Hamburg with Art Director Wolfram Rozyk as well as Birgit Meinhof & Nana Scholz in art buying.

Plus the kids and people photographer shot the cover for the 25th issue (Spring 2017) of LUNA MUM, the trendy lifestyle magazine for pregnant women and young mothers, and presents a personal kids spread on GoSee.

Several more works from the areas of baby, youth & kids can be found directly on her website, where she also presents her works as director under FILM. Definitely Go & See!
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IXIES diapers have their offense lined up to charm – we have the 'Little Explorer' spot by Director Anna TARRIN for you on GoSee

Once they get moving, you just can't stop them... The PIXIES 'Little Explorer' spot depicts in beautiful photos the first important steps in the life of every toddler. The commercial was filmed by young director and photographer ANNA TARRIN. At her side was DOP Fabian HOTHAN c/o 1ST UNIT. This is the first commercial by baby & children's photographer Anna Tarrin. It was shot in the Markenfilm studios, which also produced the spot, and the executive agency was switch life brands. Since the beginning of 2017, Director Anna Tarrin is represented by GoSee member FRÖHLICH MGMT.
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