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news | 'Looking Through' is also a 'Point of View' - the BFF exhibition at Stuttgart's Haus der Wirtschaft with a motif by Cologne-based photographer KLAUS ARRAS

From Friday 23 June to Friday 7 July, 2017, BFF and its members present a comprehensive exhibition and event program at Stuttgart's Haus der Wirtschaft. Photography in the limelight and peeks behind the scenes of professional photography are exhibited in the open column hall of the location. Taking place in addition to presentations at this time are also portfolio viewings, photo actions and public tours on a variety of topics. The theme of the exhibition in 2017 is 'Point of View. Photograp …

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news | In Love with Vegan – food photographer Klaus ARRAS and star chef Dimitra Nacos create delicious variations for a new cookbook in Becker Joest Volk Publishing

In spring, Klaus Arras produced a new cookbook together with Dimitra Nacos for Becker Joest Volk Publishing. Dimi, a co-worker of Attila Hildmann who became famous for his vegan cookbooks, developed more than 75 very creative recipes for it. Mediterranean and crossover recipes are the foundation of her cooking. The cookbook "In Love with Vegan" is a declaration of love dedicated to vegan cuisine. The result are very appetizing dishes which are tasty for even non-vegans. Surprisingl …

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news | Gold for food photographer KLAUS ARRAS and the 'Piment' cook book by Michelin star chef Wahabi Nouris, published by MATTHAES VERLAG – a culinary lesson on GoSee

Cologne based food photographer KLAUS ARRAS received a Gold medal from the German Gastronomic Academy last autumn at Frankfurt Book Fair, for his cook book 'Piment', which is published by MATTHAES VERLAG. He aesthetically photographed the cuisine by Hamburg based Michelin star chef Wahabi Nouris. The photographer masterfully captured the culinary fusion between East and West in his pictures. The self-contained worlds of color, no-frills arrangements with delicate mood lighting and clear image st …

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news | Klaus Arras : XY – new cookbook production by the food photographer with plenty of humour as well as a WDR contribution on GoSee

XY - Die letzten Heldentaten am Herd. Koche nichts, wozu es keine Story gibt! (‘XY – the final heroic deeds on the cooker. Don’t cook anything that doesn’t come with a story) the cookbook was published in autumn by BECKERJOESTVOLK VERLAG and is illustrated with photographs by Cologne food photographer Klaus Arras. It pays homage to men in the kitchen outside of restaurant and hotel kitchens. As with all cookbook productions by Klaus Arras this book is photographed in …

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portfolio | food photography

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news | Klaus Arras : 'Culinary Contrasts' - a dance of opposites. Cookbook project with star chef Hans Horberth serves up meagre/banana, duck liver/rosehip or deer/coffee.

Cologne-based food photographer Klaus Arras shot his second cookbook for the Matthaes Verlag, together with star chef Hans Horberth from the 'La Vision' in the Cologne Wasserturm building. The cookbook presents 'Culinary contrasts' - a dance of opposites unfolding across 300 pages. Chapters like land-sea, black-white, sweet-salty or hot-cold see culinary creations being created in a way they have never been served before. Hence, you can find such recipes as meagre/banana, salmon/chocolat …

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news | Klaus Arras : The Tomato Book - an ode to the red glowing fruit with an award from the German Institute of Vitality and Cooking

Cologne-based food photographer Klaus Arras photographed “The Tomatobook” for Edel publishers in Hamburg. The idea emerged from a series of freelance food pictures dedicated to the Mediterranean subject that is the tomato. He showed the pictures to the editors at Edel, who were so excited that production started right away. The pictures are distinguished by his unique style: reduced compositions with purposeful and perceptively selected props, some of which were souvenirs from tri …

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