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news | GoSee loves... Christopher Anderson 'Approximate Joy' – his impressive portrait project as an exhibition at Danziger Gallery, New York and as an illustrated book at bei Stanley/Barker – we have a preview for you here on GoSee

“I have seen the future, and it is now – and it is China. There is no need for the past. It can be erased. A new happiness is being constructed, an approximation of joy, better than the real thing” says magnum photographer Christopher Anderson in the introduction of his project which he created in Shanghai and Shenzhe. 'Approximate Joy' is on display thru 20 October at Danziger Gallery New York, and an illustrated book appeared at Stanley/Barker. The cover was taken care of by Designer Eike König. We have a preview of the fascinating close-ups and moods for you here on GoSee.

The gallery on the exhibition : 'Anderson’s photographs of metropolitan men and women on the streets of Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, taken over the last two years picture a world that is largely unknown to most Westerners. Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, barely existed thirty years ago but today has some twenty million inhabitants. Shanghai, China’s biggest city, has a population of over 24 million....

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