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news | GoSee loves... 'Family Values: Polish Photography Now' in the Calvert 22 Foundation London thru 22 July, 2018

Under 'Family Values: Polish Photography Now', curator Kate Bush collected various positions and a magnificent photographic potpourri from the second half of the 20th century. The fact that they are not just old family photos is sometimes only visible at second glance. The topics are about identity, home and family in the context of political and sociological changes

"At its heart will be a presentation of the work of Zofia Rydet (1911 – 1997), a photographer much admired in Poland who is now coming to wide international prominence. Her work has never been seen in the UK. In 1978, at the unusually advanced age of 67, Zofia Rydet embarked on a monumental project that was to consume her until she died: she set out to make a portrait of every person in Poland. Over the course of twenty years, she photographed 20,000 people at home, the pace of the project only limited at the end by her increasing physical frailty. The work is known as the Sociological Record (1978 – 1997). She...

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