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news | GoSee loves ... Liz Johnson Artur celebrates with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum and presents photo & video highlights from her 'Black Balloon Archive' of the last 30 years #lizjohnsonartur

Through 18 August, 2019, the BROOKLYN MUSEUM is still opening up the enormous photo archive of Liz Johnson Artur and presents with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition. On display are photos, sketchbooks and videos by the Ghanaian-Russian photographer, who lives in London today. For thirty years, her work has documented the lives of people of color and society from their perspective.

Brooklyn is where it all started for Ghanaian-Russian artist Liz Johnson Artur (b. 1964). While visiting in 1986, she stayed with a Russian family in a neighborhood predominantly lived in by people of color and began experimenting with her first camera. Having grown up in Bulgaria, Germany, and Russia, she was inspired by her visit to use photography as a way to connect with other people of African descent. Since moving to London in 1991, she has employed photography not only to make a living – publishing work in magazines such as i-D and The Face – but also to document the multiplicity of...

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