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news | GoSee Book Tip : 'Murder' by Guillaume Simoneau (MACK BOOKS) – a personal trip back in time and an homage to Masahisa Fukase's raven observations 'Karasu'

Guillaume Simoneau’s photography project 'Murder' was on display this summer as a solo exhibition during the Rencontres d'Arles Festival. Appearing at MACK BOOKS now in book form is the exciting trip back in time, which the publishing company presents you here on GoSee.

“The genesis of Guillaume Simoneau’s new book 'Murder' was in spring of 1982. At around the same time, Masahisa Fukase was producing his post-war masterpiece 'Karasu' (Ravens), Simoneau's family adopted a nest full of baby crows orphaned from a fallen tree. The photographs from this time, taken by Simoneau’s mother, paint an unusual and lyrical vision of childhood. Nearly forty years later, these moments are memorialized in dialogue with Simoneau’s new works, produced in the spring of 2016 and 2017 in Kanazawa, Japan.

This setting, the birthplace of 'Karasu', punctuates the book with a further-reaching interest in tradition and timelessness that looks beyond the scope of these events to the landscape, famous...

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