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‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ – New York-based artist duo Kuzma Vostrikov & Ajuan Song present their augmented reality in surreal scenes and portraits (Scheidegger & Spiess)

Scheidegger & Spiess, one of Switzerland’s leading publishers for art, photography, and architecture, presents with ‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ the unusual world of Ajuan Song, born in China, and Russian native Kuzma Vostrikov. The first monograph on the work of the artist duo features more than one hundred color illustrations and a selection of sketches from their art project, which were already on display in an exhibition.

‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ is a parallel existence of portraits and multimedia works, which depict our relationships to one another and the world as an increasingly digital experience. With costumes, props and colorful sets, the two artists living in New York create an augmented reality full of hybrid creatures and surreal motifs, whose multi-dimensionality invites the viewer to reinterpret reality, according to the publisher.

The Heideggers of photography, as they refer to themselves, draw inspiration from the metaphysics of German philosopher, Martin Heidegger. “We’re photo-existentialists practicing anthropological symbolism…’ With a good portion of humor, the duo responds to the questions of their interview partner which is why ‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ is so much more than a coffee table book because the accompanying texts are an entertaining exchange of philosophies about photography and reality.

Editor Anna Gvirts is an artist, photographer and book designer who lives and works in her hometown Moscow and New York City. A short introduction by art historian Rosa JH Berland, essays by art critics Anthony Haden-Guest and Lilly Wei as well as conversations between Iona Whittaker and Arnau Salvadó and the two artists complement the illustrations.

Absolutely Augmented Reality’ – Kuzma Vostrikov & Ajuan Song
160 pages, 110 illustrations, 24 x 30 cm, ISBN 978-3-85881-863-8 English.
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#openbutsafe Karl Lagerfeld – the first retrospective of his photographic oeuvre from fashion photography to architecture photos or even an LED panel on Homer’s Odyssey at the State Art Museum Moritzburg

Lagerfeld exhibitions have taken place up until now – if they have at all in Germany – at Museum Folkwang, Hamburger Kunsthalle or at Haus der Kunst. The special exhibition ‘Karl Lagerfeld. Photography. The Retrospective’ at Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) was developed in cooperation with the two curators Eric Pfrunder, Directeur de l’Image Chanel Fashion, and Publisher Gerhard Steidl. More than 300 photographs were selected together with Karl Lagerfeld while he was still among us and produced for the presentation at the State Art Museum in Saxony-Anhalt.

The exhibition is the worldwide first retrospective on the photographic oeuvre of Karl Lagerfeld and presents quite illustratively his liking for architecture, landscapes abstraction, portraiture, self portraits, and fashion photography. Several of his works are on display for the first time ever, and  the Moritzburg with its Gothic vaulted ceilings and numerous historical rooms provides the perfect backdrop.

Highlights include an 18-meter-long backlit LED panel on Homer’s Odyssey as well as Lagerfeld’s extensive production of Daphnis and Chloë, a love story by ancient Greek poet Longus. The presentation of daguerreotypes and platinotype as master prints by Karl Lagerfeld are just as much a feast for the eyes.

Also waiting to be discovered at the exhibition are the artistic references interpreted by Lagerfeld and transformed in his photographic oeuvre – from Oscar Wilde, Eduard von Keyserling, Ovid, and Longus, to paintings by Lyonel Feininger, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Edward Hopper, and Florine Stettheimer, or even films by Fritz Lang and photographs by Edward Steichen and Baron Adolph de Meyer.

To help contain the Corona pandemic, the museum was closed for almost 10 weeks from 14 March to 20 May. Under the Hashtag #closedbutopen, the museum regularly granted exclusive insight into the Lagerfeld exhibition...

“I am what people call a voyeur: I look at everything. I see everything,” Karl Lagerfeld said in an interview back in 2013. The series “Designed by man and nature” shows once again how skilled Lagerfeld was in seeing beyond the obvious in search of aesthetic structures.


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GoSee loves! ‘Give My Regards to Elizabeth’ – the final assignment of Peter Bialobrzeski following a DAAD scholarship at the London College of Communication in the early 90s as a wonderful illustrated book at Hartmann Publishing

Looking through this first book by renowned photo artist of today and Professor, Peter Bialobrzeski, is like taking a trip back in time to England of the early 1990s. Hartmann Publishing presents us an absolutely authentic contemporary document in captivating color bound in a book – a must-have with unusual motifs in light of the fact that Peter Bialobrzeski concentrated more on landscapes and architecture during his career.

He finished his studies at the Folkwang School, Essen, with a one year DAAD scholarship at the London College of Communication and this work in book form. It was created back then in a hand-bound, single issue, still completely analogue, using original photographs and was not publicly distributed. Now, 27 years and 20 book publications later, the first book by Peter Bialobrzeski is being published as a facsimile version of the original layout.

Coming from the booming economy of euphoric, post-unification Germany at the time, Bialobrzeski found a country with growing unemployment and depression. Margret Thatcher’s neo-liberal politics had left deep scars on the country and people. He wanted to capture the for him, as a child of the social market economy, unfamiliar class society of England in photographs. From our perspective today, the photos are documents marked by British color photography of the 1980s. Visible in some are already the ideas and concepts which would later make Bialobrzeski world-famous with books and exhibitions. (Neontigers, The Raw and the Cooked, Paradise Now, Heimat, Die Zweite Heimat, No Buddha in Suburbia etc.).

Peter Bialobrzeski’s work has been exhibited in Europe, the US, Asia, Africa, and Australia. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious World Press Photo Award (2003 and 2010) followed in 2012 by the Dr. Erich Salomon Award of the DGPH. He lectures at HBK Bremen.

29 × 23 cm, 96 pages, 48 illustrations in color, texts by Mick Brown and Peter Bialobrzeski, bound in cloth with embossed type and glued cover image, ISBN 978-3-96070-045-6

Further information is available from Meike Gatermann / KulturAgentur, a press agency for publishing houses and institutions in the areas of visual arts, photography ... From 1993 to 2015, it was in charge of press work for Hatje Cantz Publishing as an external agency. Since 2013, it has provided consulting services for Sieveking Publishing, Munich, as well as for book publishers including Edition Patrick Frey, modo Publishing, Schlebrügge Editor, Hartmann Books, and Reel Art Press.
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