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'The Corners' – Chris Dorley-Brown's documentary on London's East End and its residents in hyperrealistic photographs, appearing as an excellent book at Hoxton Mini Press and an exhibition at Robert Koch in San Francisco

Chris Dorley-Brown is a British documentary photographer and filmmaker headquartered in London's East End. For his series 'The Corner', he photographed today's hip districts east of the medieval city center and north of the River Thames. East End emerged in the 18th century as an aggregate of factory districts such as those specialized in textile manufacture in the hinterland of the London harbor. Jack the Ripper once wreaked havoc on Victorian East End backstreets, and the district was later notorious for its underworld and gang warfare.

"The Corners. Shot between 2009 and 2017, these images take the street corners of London’s East End as a place of arrival, departure and coincidence. Using the rich textures of the buildings as backdrops that suggest a historical framework, passing pedestrians negotiate the space and one another in the early morning light of spring and summer."

The hyperrealistic photos by Chris Dorley-Brown appeared in 2018 as the eponymous publication 'The Corners' with 96 illustrations printed on fine art paper at Hoxton Mini Press. Now the third publication by the photographer, it has received the Best Photography Book Award at British Book Design & Production Awards 2018. Book design was in the hands of Friederike Huber. An interview with the photographer is available at the British Photography Journal. And through March, works from the series are on display at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco.
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GoSee loves : 'Dreaming' – in the 2019 Pirelli Calendar, star photographer Albert Watson tells little stories in photos and films about four female luminaries

“Dreaming”, the 2019 Pirelli Calendar: Celebrated photographer Albert Watson created a series of vignettes centering on the dreams and aspirations of four successful and talented women in their personal environments. Created in Miami and New York were four narratives in photos and films consisting of 40 images and four little movies.

The 2019 PIRELLI Calendar was released on 5 December featuring actress Julia Garner as “the botanical photographer”, Astrid Eika as the “model”, Laetitia Casta as “the painter”, dancer Sergei Polunin as the “painter’s partner”, ballet star Misty Copeland as “the dancer”, professional dancer Calvin Royal III as the “dancer’s partner”, Gigi Hadid as “the wealthy socialite” and Alexander Wang as the “confidant”. What a cast.

Albert Watson on his beautiful concept which unites men, women and their dreams in front of the camera: "What I wanted to convey were the characters’ hopes and their way of thinking about the future, in a way that would bring with it the aspect of dreaming.” 

About – PIRELLI CALENDAR. From 1964 to 2018, a total of 45 Pirelli Calendars have been realized in a span of over fifty years by 35 photographers. The Pirelli Calendar, also known as, The Cal™ was born in 1964. At that time, Pirelli’s British subsidiary was looking for a marketing strategy to help Pirelli stand out from domestic competition and appointed Art Director Derek Forsyth and British photographer Robert Freeman, famous for his portraits of the Beatles, to produce what was an entirely innovative project for its day. The result was an exclusive product with artistic and cultural connotations that from the start set it apart from the world of fashion and “glamour”.
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GoSee Tip : Paulette Tavormina: A Concert of Birds still on display thru 22 December 2018 at New York's Robert Mann Gallery

“I’m in love with the Old Masters, totally fascinated with them. But I create my own personal story within each work. The themes are so universal – love, loss, death – so it is all pretty simple,” says Paulette Tavormina about her series entitled 'A Concert of Birds', which is stil on display thru 22 December at Robert Mann in New York.

'Paulette Tavormina: A Concert of Birds' presents new works by the artist which are once again about flowers, fish, birds & fantasies. "In a selection of exquisite still life photographs that recall painterly perspective reminiscent of 17th century Old Master paintings, Tavormina uses props such as antique bird cages, moss, insects, birds’ nests and leaves from her home in Connecticut to look at the art historical roots of the genre. The meaning of each object is often multilayered as this series in particular is autobiographical in nature." the gallery tells us about the works.

The gallery continues: "The series began with a single bird, the symbol of the human soul and representing goodness, joy, wisdom, and intelligence, locked in a cage. Then there were two birds. Expectations, shows a bird in flight leading the other to freedom, a metaphor for a soul’s journey to the future. Tavormina’s life journey is expressed in these works, but everyday moments also find their way in, such as a glass of bourbon inadvertently placed on the set becomes a Dutch glass. Still, her transcendent work always remains true to her Old Master influences. Concert of Birds is derived from a genre of paintings dating back to the 17th Century of “Concert of Birds” that lead the artist to a new chapter.

Paulette Tavormina’s greatest influences have been Francisco de Zurbaran’s mysterious use of dramatic light, Adriaen Coorte’s unique placement of treasured objects and Giovanna Garzoni’s masterful composition and color palette. Tavormina’s photographs speak to her respect for the human condition. Through the magic of everyday objects, the majesty and delicacy of nature, and the world of culinary delight, these photographs are her vision of life in all its subtle shades of beauty."

About - Paulette Tavormina, best known for her series “Natura Morta,” was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant in 2016. Her monograph, Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty, was published by The Monacelli Press in 2016 and reviewed by The New York Times and Architectural Digest. Her work has been exhibited internationally and was the winner of the Grand Prix at the 2010 International Culinaire Photography Festival in Paris. Largely self-taught, she has worked as a foodstylist in Hollywood, photographed works of art for Sotheby’s, collaborated with The Fabulous Beekman Boys on their three heirloom cookbooks, and photographed The Del Posto Cookbook with chef Mark Ladner published by Hachette. Her photography has been featured in publications including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Boston Globe, L'Express, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Photo Technique magazine. Tavormina’s photographs are in museums, corporate and private collections in Paris, London, Moscow, Lugano, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Beach, Boston, Palm Desert, and San Francisco. She lives and works in New York City.

Paulette Tavormina: A Concert of Birds . Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6, and Saturday 11-6 . .
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