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Home of Urban Spray Style – AGENTUR ARTMOS4 presents you works on GoSee for STRABAG, the Department for Road Construction and Transport, Flörsheim Kolonnaden shopping center, SCHÜCO Showroom Berlin, AD Mission/Loop 5 shopping center, and STC Risk Consulting

Design office KRAWALL had something big in mind for Marcus Dörr c/o ARTMOS4. They wished to have a fairly long fence adorned with logos and lettering for their client STRABAG. “The amount of foil stencils we went through is nothing less than spectacular.” Marcus tells GoSee. The entire extent of the work can be seen in the video. “Decorating impressive surfaces with logos/statements/sayings etc. is interesting for advertisers because it subtly draws the attention of passers-by, aka walk-in customers, to the design. ARTMOS4 is proud to be the oldest graffiti agency in Germany and has designed facades, interiors and objects for more than 20 years.

As part of the design evaluation by the Dresden Department for Road Construction and Transport, the agency ARMOS4 won the bid to create the design for the ‘Hainer Lake’ project, which Marcus then realized with a realistic graffiti look using images of nature.

ARTMOS4 was commissioned by the management of Flörsheim Kolonnaden to design the outer surface of the shopping center. The brief was to combine the shopping experience with the logo in the artwork. The desired motif was created spraying freehand and with the use of foil stencils.

The challenging part for the SCHÜCO Showroom in Berlin was that the base material of the surface was made of PVC polyester fabric, and Marcus had to perform a spray test beforehand. Created in close cooperation with the client was a graffiti image showing the Berlin skyline and the company logo.

AD Mission / Loop 5 Shopping Center – This artwork was supposed to be colorful and an eye-catcher for the clientele of the shopping center Loop 5 in Weiterstadt. Marcus was booked by the agency AD MISSION to create a wall mural for taking selfies. The underlying idea was to integrate the L. A. Wings into the overall picture as a key visual so that visitors can photograph themselves standing in front of it. “It has already seen several fun moments, the client tells us.”

The client STC Risk Consulting inquired on two graffiti works for its new offices. The condition: the final artwork had to be artistic but still have a strong connection to the company.
The brief for the first was to show influential figures, such as Steve Jobs or Einstein, who give conscious inspiration for magnificent achievements. For the second piece of artwork, it was to create a Banksy-ish look combined with a map of the world.
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AGENTUR ARTMOS4 supports the Iceman Charity and Thai orphanage with elephant graffiti, designs a kid’s corner for Rainer Brenner Optician and street art work for the annual calendar of SCHUFA Holding AG

Agentur artmos4 is supporting the Iceman Charity and wants to give the children an artistic experience with graffiti. Which is why Marcus Dörr designed a colorful graffiti on a water tank for the orphanage in January 2020. To do so, he chose an illustrative design of an elephant as a symbol of wisdom, strength and intelligence and, at the same time, a symbol of Thailand. Watch the short making-of video of the graffiti here.

Agentur artmos4 received a request for a stylish work from interior designer Benjamin Diehl. The brief was to design individual areas of the kid’s corner at the Rainer Brenner Augenoptik GmbH store in Frankfurt’s Goethestraße with complete creative freedom. Tasteful motifs were realized on the topics of children, birds and cages.

In cooperation with SOUTH of MARKET AG, we had the pleasure of designing thirteen canvas artworks the style of street art for the client SCHUFA Holding AG. The images were photographed later and used for the annual 2020 calendar.
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#BornToDare - Watchmaker TUDOR celebrates a live spraying session in Berlin by Marcus Dörr c/o ARTMOS4 with testimonial David Beckham

Who wouldn’t like to meet up with a world-class soccer player and brand ambassador for TUDOR luxury watches? For an event in Berlin, Marcus Dörr c/o ARTMOS4 was booked via the agency DO IT! GmbH to spray as a live act in front of an audience. The finishing touches were put on by no lesser than superstar David Beckham in a team effort with Marcus.

About - TUDOR - In February 1926, watch factory Veuve de Philippe Hüther registered the brand TUDOR for Hans Wilsdorf. After the company headquarters moved to Geneva, Wilsdorf acquired the exclusive rights for use of the TUDOR brand name. The first watches featured the simple TUDOR name written on the watch face, and extending above the letters was the horizontal line of the initial T. On a few rare collector’s items, the name Rolex was still written. Until the new brand had finally established itself on the market, Rolex vouched for the technical and aesthetic quality of TUDOR watches. In 1948, the first ad appeared specially for TUDOR. The brand was still clearly connected to Rolex with both text and logo.
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