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The new MARCO CASTELLI campaign – photographed by AVA PIVOT above the rooftops of New York

For Italian designer MARCO CASTELLI, AVA PIVOT photographed the new campaign above the rooftops of New York. Gathered in front of her camera was a must-see circle of international models, including Danny Lim, Carlens Sainvil, Drew Hanley, and Marco Castelli. And since women also look great in menswear, Atikah Karim also got to have her Ava Pivot moment. Styling: Todd Hanshaw, grooming: Angela Kaeser, retouch by Kustrim Kunushevci.

About - Marco Castelli Collection was born as a fashion line for men designed by Marco in collaboration with expert tailor Sarta Fiorella Ciaboco and marketing manager Tommaso Madè. The Marco Castelli collection is meant to be the last word in style and casual elegance for the modern man who expresses himself in a duality where inspiration is the guide, and elegance is always the backdrop for a moment.

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Meet the 'City Rebel' aka model Gerhard Freidl in CALEO magazine - photos by AVA PIVOT

Well-known Austrian male model and emerging actor Gerhard Freidl was photographed by Berlin-based photographer AVA PIVOT for a menswear spread in CALEO magazine. Styling: Haniball Saliba, grooming: Florian Ferino, retouch: Virgil Hritcu.

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'Fisherman's Friend' - model Dimitrij Vysokolyan in CLIENT Magazine #17, photographed by AVA PIVOT at Cafe am Neuen See

For the fashion editorial 'Fisherman`s Friend' in CLIENT magazine, AVA PIVOT photographed male model Dimitrij Vysokolyan at Cafe am Neuen See in Berlin. Grooming: Florian Ferino, styling: Carola Schorbach, retouch: Kushtrim Kunushevci.

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