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‘Elastic Fantastic’ - a female beauty portrait with feminine design language by Julia KELTSCH c/o Avenger Photographers for Leica S magazine

Beauty photographer Julia KELTSCH c/o Avenger Photographers examined the female body entirely without a voyeuristic gaze for Leica S magazine. The result are abstract but still concrete photos, with a playful approach to the element of elasticity. In front of the camera stood model Lisa Marie c/o PMA. Styling was taken care of by Lisa Maria Lohmann, with hair & make-up by Melanie Hunger, both c/o BIGOUDI.

“What I had in mind was to capture the uniqueness and beauty of the female body in an aesthetic manner without explicit or voyeuristic intention. It certainly has a lot to do with the fact that me and everyone else involved in the project are women and we have a very personal perspective of the female body accordingly. I also think that it can influence the atmosphere and the results of a such an intimate shoot,” Julia tells us about her work. The entire interview with the beauty and fashion photographer is available via LEICA.
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Beauty spread with Thylane Blondeau for VOGUE ARABIA by Dirk BADER c/o Avenger Photographers as well as an ADC award for his portrait of Dr. Jane Goodall

For VOGUE ARABIA, Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS staged enchanting Thylane Blondeau. The model was already named the most beautiful girl in the world at the early age of six. And at 16, Thylane Blondeau was one of the youngest models to walk the runway in Milan for designer duo Dolce & Gabbana.

Quite the contrary is this classic portrait photo in black & white. Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS was honored with the Bronze ADC Award for his portrait of Dr. Jane Goodall. Dame Jane Goodall is a British behavioral researcher, who began studying the behavior of chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania in 1960. She promotes alternatives to animal experiments and demanded that the Nobel Prize committee create an award for alternative methods to animal experimenting.
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‘Gold & Silver’ - male models Jason and Victor for SCHÖN MAG, photographed with sensual flair by JULIA KELTSCH c/o AVENGER

JULIA KELTSCH c/o AVENGER photographs the spread ‘Gold & Silver’ for Schön! magazine with male models Jason and Victor.
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