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'Mountain Biking in Iran' - sports & travel reportage by Andrea Gaspar-Klein c/o Avenger Photographers

Andrea GASPAR-KLEIN c/o AVENGER, photographer of Romanian heritage specialized in sports and action, was on the road in Iran with a bike. Even though Iran is not a classic travel destination, and the political situation is not necessarily simple, mountain biking enabled her direct access to the country and its citizens without prejudice. Besides the magnificent landscapes of this often underestimated nation, he shows above all a portrait of the people who live there. Further information on the production is available via AVENGER.

'Inspired by my Carpathian homeland, by snowboarding and Pearl Jam, my career grew deeply into the world of sports. I feel privileged to be able to combine my profession with my passion for dynamic movements in spectacular settings and to work as an advertising photographer.'
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Immaculate portraits for EUCERIN, legs galore for WOLFORD and beauty editorials by Julia KELTSCH c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS

Julia KELTSCH c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS shot for EUCERIN in Hamburg as well as for pantyhose top label WOLFORD in Amsterdam. Plus, she was also busy as an editor and has published in Mod magazine, The Latest magazine and Solstice magazine.
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Actor Hardy Krüger jr. and Felix Klare for HARBOR MAGAZINE and CALEO MAG fashion shoot by Dirk BADER c/o Avenger Photographers

After having the kickers from the FC Bayern team in front of his lens, Dirk BADER c/o Avenger Photographers shot editorials with Hardy Krüger jr. and Felix Klare for HARBOR MAGAZINE.

While golden palms are being awarded right around the corner, Dirk got the chance to photograph bridal fashion for BRIDES TODAY at great locations in Cannes. A menswear editorial was photographed by Dirk for @caleomag with Johan Schade @lemanagement_men (grooming by @delatorrejessica, creative & styling by @peopleandbrands at @yasuragisweden).
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