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Avenger Photographers presents new entry Stefan Grau, people & celebrity photographer from Munich

Avenger Photographers is delighted to welcome yet another new team member: Stefan GRAU photographs celebrities, creatives, friends and interesting people and objects who attract his attention. His focus is on working with people, but transcending genres is precisely what drives his creative process. He began his career as a graphic designer and retoucher, which influences his work to this day. Together with numerous agencies, brands and magazines, he creates unique photos. Stefan is a true globetrotter – he has already traveled to 50 countries, he speaks several languages fluently and has incredible anecdotes to share. Today, Stefan lives in Munich.

He photographs for ADAC, Aigner, AMS, Audi, BMW, Brax, Ebay, GalaMen, GQ Style, MINI, Nissan, Orsay, Osram, Porsche, Toyota, and Warner Music Group.
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Beauty editorials by Julia Keltsch c/o Avenger Photographers for MOD MAGAZINE, SOLSTICE MAG and BRIGITTE WOMEN

Julia KELTSCH c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS shot several beauty editorials, including 'Fruity Flavor' in MOD magazine (hair & make-up: Evelyn Innerhofer c/o Bigoudi), 'Out of the Shadows' in SOLSTICE magazine (hair & make-up: Evelyn Innerhofer c/o Bigoudi, styling: Julia Neubauer, model: Ahn) and a beauty spread for BRIGITTE WOMEN with Amanda Scheffrahn-Witteman in front of the camera.
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Avenger Photographers: New entry JANINA LASZLO, portrait and reportage, with craftsman photos, David Hasselhoff portraits and landscape shots on GoSee

Avenger Photographers is delighted to welcome new entry JANINA LASZLO, focused on portrait and reportage. Her latest reportage project on the alive-and-kicking German handicraft is appearing soon in SPIEGEL. Plus, her works were just on display in the exhibition entitled 'Intuitionally' at the Orangerie in Munich's Englischer Garten.

Born in Munich, she graduated from high school in Oklahoma, followed by several stays in other cities abroad, particularly in Los Angeles, where she realized a variety of portrait and reportage projects. GoSee presents a small selection of her works, including a travel reportage from Borneo, a celebrity special with Janine Kunze for IN MAGAZINE, or a backstage report with David Hasselhoff. The iconic actor known from Baywatch and Knight Rider announced that his new album will also contain several heavy metal songs, plus a few classics reinterpreted from the eighties.

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