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news | 'New Drive' – AvL/SE and AUDI launch campaign for the Audi g-tron models with a poetic TV commercial about the power of wind – and André Aimaq, CEO of AvL/SE, supports the GoSeeAWARDS2018 as a juror

The New Drive campaign by AvL/SE stages the AUDI g-tron models and their technology in an emotionally captivating commercial and demonstrates that alternative drive systems have nothing to do with compromises. The story: A little boy is sitting on the back seat of an Audi A5 Sportback g-tron telling a story about the magic of the wind. The viewer experiences the exhilarating interplay of the wind and clouds through the eyes of a child. In the middle of the pure beauty of nature, it seems as if the wind is driving the Audi forward… The boy's journey ends with the knowledge that the gas which drives the g-Tron is created with the help of the wind – thus the wind drives our car!’

"The campaign claim 'New Drive' gives the slogan 'Progress through Technology' new relevance and underscores the competence of Audi when it comes to future-forward technologies’’ says André Aimaq on the emotional film, which we present you here on GoSee.

Besides the TV spot and the online platform...

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