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news | 'Glacier Plaine Morte' - an expedition into the inside of a glacier with photographer URS WYSS c/o AVOCADO ARTISTS for the TAGES ANZEIGER

“Descend with us into the mysterious ice caves of the Plaine Morte glacier. 360-degree panorama photos, videos and animations show a world only the meltwater knows...” For the TAGES ANZEIGER, Ur Wyss and his team climbed inside a glacier.

The photographer team on the production: “With 360-degree panoramas, videos and photos, we explore the underworld in the ice. This expedition was a challenge for humans and equipment. -24 ° Celsius at night is not exactly where you are every day, our apples were frozen as hard as a glass ball, and the pasta in the pan had to be eaten within minutes so it would not get frozen. But as you can see, everything has worked perfectly, without any damage.”

We have several photos here on GoSee, and the whole project including an extensive description and lots of more photos are available via TAGES ANZEIGER or AVOCADO360.

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