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news | GoSeeAWARDS : We are working behind the scenes relentlessly on putting together our TOP JURY for 2019 – there’s only one thing you have to do to get your artwork viewed globally in a round of screening: Upload your PROJECT to GoSee !

The GoSee Awards are about one thing alone: being seen! Which admittedly does seem a bit outdated today, with more than enough Internet platforms for everyone to present their artwork. So why participate in an AWARDS ceremony at all if you already have thousands of followers to show for?

The GoSeeAWARDS, just like GoSee, stand for quality paired with efficiency.
Embracing our company ethos: “If you’re good, we’ll make you better!”. It’s not about collecting more or less random likes and clicks – we strive to build well-founded, long-term networks that make sense. And the same goes for our jury: art buyers, art producers, creatives, editors, agency owners, opinion makers, direct clients... from Shanghai to New York, Los Angeles, Prague, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam... you name it. Not to mention, of course, the entire German-speaking region.

GoSee broadcasts across all channels for the AWARDS
and pulls every string in the industry to ensure above all: that...

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