GOSEE AWARDS FINALISTS 2016 // Category overview

Gold, Silver, Bronze, lots of merits and a public vote – the GoSeeAWARDS 2016 Winners List
We are very pleased to present you the shortlist online including the winners of the GoSeeAWARDS 2016 with their works/projects. In addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze, the jury also gave Merits. Plus, all GoSee members were asked to vote for their favorites in the Public Voting category.
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(Art, Design, Installation…)
what will tomorrow bring? please show us today
… is a matter of lighting and pixels
Remember: fashion favours the bold
blow our minds and fill our hearts with imagination
get closer and drown us in intimacy, sex & lust
Take us on a visual trip we will never forget
Abstracts, Flowers …
conceptual extraterrestrial magical
Your Online Portfolio will be judged
Picture, picture on the wall… we crown the craziest of them all