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A speed rush with the PORSCHE 919 HYBRID EVO - Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP photographs race car driver Timo Bernhard on his lap record at Nürburgring for KEMPER KOMMUNIKATION

One Friday morning in June 2018, Timo Bernhard drove a lap at the green hell in 5 minutes 19.546 seconds in the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, with which the 37-year-old broke the record for the fastest lap ever driven by 51.58 seconds at Nürburgring. And right in the middle of it all was photographer Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP – as the official Porsche photographer for the agency Kemper Kommunikation. We have the photos for you on GoSee!
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Photographer Mert DÜRÜMOGLU c/o BANRAP on the prowl in the big city with a JAGUAR

DÜRÜMOGLU c/o BANRAP photographed a Jaguar in the big city jungle. Its spectacular appearance is amplified by the extraordinary choice of his two Asian side acts.
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The KIA SORENTO and the KIA OPTIMA for KIA MOTORS in front of the camera of photographer Mert DÜRÜMOGLU c/o BANRAP

Mert DÜRÜMOGLU c/o BANRAP photographed the KIA SORENTO while his colleagues shot the KIA OPTIMA for the client KIA MOTORS to use in various print publications. The commissioning agency was INNOCEAN EUROPE. We have a selection of motifs from the productions for you on GoSee.
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