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'Let Me tell You a Story.' - Director ADRIAN T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP presents you his 3-minute MOTION COMPILATION on GoSee

Each individual story is a small part of the big picture – strung together, they become our lives. "Adrian is not only a master of photography, his strength lies also in moving images." BANRAP tells us about the artist and continues: "The film presents you a compilation of all of the great projects Adrian had the honor of realizing plus insights into his personal stories." Go & See !
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'Race tracks' – personal work by Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP

When the race is over, a ghostly silence takes hold of the track. No spectators, no engine noise – just the distant sound of the city. Thomas makes use of this moment of silence to show us the circuit as you have never seen it.
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'A Romantic Manifesto' - a ménage à quatre in HUF magazine, photos by Robertino NIKOLIC c/o BANRAP

It's cold, gray, and wet – what could be better than a romantic ménage à quatre? Robertino NIKOLIC shows us in the new issue of HUF magazine the colorful trials and tribulations of love. He produced the editorial with the help of Andrea Leicher and Oliver Metzler from A+O.
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