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Form follows fascination... Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP photographs the VW ARTEON for VOLKSWAGEN DEUTSCHLAND and the agency GRABARZ & PARTNER... And we look forward to BANRAP as an exhibitor at UPDATE!8BERLIN

VW ARTEON – through the urban space with the streamlined station wagon from VOLKSWAGEN. For Volkswagen Germany and various social media channels, photographer Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP presents us in detail the VW Arteon, an upper middle class car. He was commissioned by Hamburg-based advertising agency Grabarz & Partner. After the end of production for the Phaeton, the new coupe sedan is now at the top at Volkswagen. It can be purchased starting at 40,000 euros for the entry-level model.
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Pretty in Pink for BWT MOTORSPORT at the 24-hour race at Nürburgring with photographer Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP

For traditional racing team BWT MOTORSPORT, Thomas was "Pretty in Pink" at the 24H race at Nürburgring. The result are pretty rosy photos. The company BWT has made it its mission to develop eco-friendly and economical water treatment products and services. Since it was founded in 1990, BWT's products and processes have been setting technology standards worldwide, and the Best Water Technology Group is now Europe's leading water technology company. At the moment, more than 3,800 employees work to provide customers from private households, industry, commerce, hotels, and communities with innovative, economical and eco-friendly treatment technologies. And that with the highest level of safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with the life elixir water.
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Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP photographs the EDDING imagery for the agency BRAWANDRIEKEN

Edding AG, which was founded in 1960 in Hamburg-Barmbek by Carl-Wilhelm Edding and Volker Detlef Ledermann, is a listed stationery manufacturer based in Ahrensburg. edding is the trademark for felt-tip pens, markers and other writing utensils as well as for color sprays and nail polish. Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP recently photographed for the client EDDING on commission for the agency BRAWANDRIEKEN. "Whether autographs, a bright marker or whiteboard texts, edding has been the specialist for writing for a long time." Cologne-based representation BANRAP tells GoSee.

Adrian T. Kubica teamed up with the agency BrawandRieken to realize the new digital edding imagery in Hamburg. The company is now experiencing its largest sales growth with its e-boards, interactive whiteboards which digitize inputs on whiteboard surfaces and transfer them to computer systems. The company has been managed since 2005 by CEO Per Ledermann, son of co-founder Volker Ledermann,. We have two motifs on GoSee.
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