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About Barona Productions

Barona Productions is an independent representative who creates awareness through photographers who are passionate in their chosen fields of discipline, image makers who intertwine this drive within their personal lives and activities.

All of our photographers present stunning visual experiences which can correspond to editorial, showbusiness, music, concerts, theatre, private commissions, art galleries... up to branding, catalogues and advertising shoots.

With the industry experience and the personal relationships needed to produce projects anywhere in the globe, on time and on budget --creating lasting relationships between photographers, creative teams and/or our clients.

Clients of Barona Productions


As part of our production services this year, we are thrilled to present you the amazing photo shooting produced for the new e-commerce website of our lovely clientFIORENTINA in Mexico City.

Talented mexican photographer SANTIAGO PEREZ GROVAS took gorgeous images of Venezuelan model FIORELLA DI SABATINO… and we applaude the gorgeous results!

Don’t hesitate and go now to visit them to buy some of the most gorgeous lingerie gifts this Christmas eve <3

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