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news | featured by GoSee SHOP : Creatives to watch ...‘Home Alone Survival Guide’ - the marvelously crazy isolation diary of Max Siedentopf, Namibian-German artist, creative director and video director (HATJE CANTZ)

Here comes the absolute must-have magazine for the crisis! Already back in January, when the Corona virus was still some far away thing in the even farther away city of Wuhan, Max Siedentopf – artist, photographer, director and freelance art director – began constructing face masks in his London apartment using only readily available objects. Inspired by alternative masks he had seen on the Internet, the creative came up with a critical and humorous approach to the topic. Practicing self-isolation, he sculpted towers with tin cans, stitched together haute couture costumes, crafted monsters or laid traps while inventing bizarre alternatives to toilette paper or making sandals from strawberry jam. But that’s not all: He also published all of his activities on Instagram and invited followers to present their own versions of his works.

The most bizarre sculptures and weirdest scenes have now been compiled in a book at Hatje Cantz. This handy survival guide consists of different chapters...

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