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news | featured by Hatje Cantz Verlag : Let the Love Shine In – ‘Amor’ by KATE BELLM is a collection of her most beautiful snap shots between Polaroid aesthetic and film in an exclusive coffee table book from Hatje Cantz

Photos by photographer KATE BELLM (*1987, London) appear in magazines such as Playboy, Interview or 032c, and she stands behind the camera for brands including Gucci and Adidas. Her first book ‘Amor’ is a culmination of moments of Kate’s trips and travels over the last 10 years. She combines Polaroid aesthetic with experimental film and a wide range of cameras. Photography expert Nadine Barth helped to curate the selection.

Her pure and atmospheric photography seduces you into an otherworldly psychedelic paradise - with off-beat, colorful landscapes, crazy cacti, hot hazy vistas, flickering palms and colossal rock forms. In friends and lovers, Kate finds her models and muses. This allows her to work with a sense of spontaneity and ease which takes on the charm of youthful freedom. Each image takes the viewer on a new sun-drenched road trip or adventure.

It became clear at an early age that she wanted to be a photographer: “Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been taking pictures and...

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