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Slow fashion, fair fashion, sustainable fashion... Kristina Kerscher photographs for label TASSEL TALES - hair & make-up: Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS.BERLIN

'Tassel Tales is a sustainable, fair and empowering fashion tale told by three sisters which aims to empower the people who make the clothes, and again has the intention of empowering the women who buy the clothes. 'Before her trip to the US in December, hair & make-up artist Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS.BERLIN produced for Austrian label TASSEL * TALES by Alexandra Eisl, Sophie Eisl and Stephanie Klein. The eco-conscious and slow fashion label is produced for fair wages by women's collectives in India and Morocco.

*TASSEL – or wheal, is a hanging bundle of threads or cords, often tied into a knot or ending in an ornamental pearl at the top. The shape is tuft-like and reminiscent of a brush.
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'The Shape of Things' in VEGAN GOOD LIFE magazine, photographed by Brix&Maas - hair & make-up: Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS.BERLIN

The VEGAN GOOD LIFE blog has ascribed to the ethos that careful and sustainable living doesn't necessarily have to be boring. Photographer duo Brix&Maas will once again contribute several fashion editorials for the online magazine this year. Present in the first print edition of the blog is Gabrielle THEURER c/o BASICS.BERLIN with her elaborate make-up.

"Her color palette ranges from a cold light-blue to a warm red-orange. The pale complexion of the model provides the ideal canvas, and the actual make-up not only succeeds in accentuating the model's face, it takes it a step further and becomes an integral part of the photo. Make-up can be used for far more than staging the individual... it is an artistic tool – which Gabrielle demonstrates again and again in her work." says BASICS.BERLIN about the work of its artist. All of the above, as aforementioned, can also be seen in the print edition of Vegan Good Life magazine or on the BASICS profile of Gabrielle.
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