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GILLETTE 'Made in Berlin' commercial, LEVI'S, YOUTURN, EVEN&ODD with styling by Fabiana Vardaro c/o BASICS

Stylist Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS is really on a roll at the moment. Whether for KADEWE, Levi's or like here for Even&Odd. Just as varied as her clients is the versatility and flexibility with which Fabiana can fulfill their every wish. With her eye for the subtle nuances in styling, Fabiana Vardaro underscored a variety of men's images and their lifestyles for the GILLETTE spot directed by Meeto Grevsen.

YOUTURN stands for relevant streetwear. Fabiana Vardaro put together multifaceted & authentic styling for the label. It was all photographed by Moritz Kind.

A pair of jeans shows the traces of life, the shape of one's own body, the memories of adventures experienced – of which Fabiana Vardaro c/o BASICS was well aware when she took the job of stylist for photographer Vitali Gelwich. With her knowledge of Levi's brand and fashion in general she clearly understood that this functional piece of clothing is at its best when combined with understatement.
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Campaign with hair & make-up by Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS

As up to the minute as BVG approaches its customers, is just how subtly Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS manages to emphasize the beauty of each person. Photos were shot by Chris Noltekuhlmann.
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Accenture campaign with styling by Doreen Regel c/o BASICS for photographer Darius Ramazani

Doreen Regel c/o BASICS is always called upon when it comes to both set design and bringing her expertise to the table with a trained eye for people styling. Her understanding and her keen sense for fashion and the big picture on set enable the stylist to repeatedly score with clients and photographers alike. This time, she convinced the client Accenture with photographer and GoSee member Darius Ramazani.
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