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featured by Avenger Photographers : LU REN CASHMERE – symbiosis between femininity, luxury and timeless elegance – with an image campaign by Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, photographed at Elmau Castle

Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the image campaign for LU REN CASHMERE in and around Castle Elmau. In front of the camera stood Luca Aimee c/o Le Management, with styling by Kathrin SEIDEL c/o BIGOUDI. Art direction was in hands of Danilea Illing, and the extensive result can be seen on the website or in the wonderful lookbook. We have a preview for you on GoSee.

Lu Ren stands for exclusive cashmere whose timeless and high-quality designs perfectly embody the DNA of the label. The label is known for its finest quality cashmere sweaters and considered an inside tip among the 2020 cashmere labels on the German market.
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featured by Cosmopola : ‘Home Office with Ella’ – editorial & film by beauty and fashion photographer FRAUKE FISCHER c/o COSMOPOLA

FRAUKE FISCHER c/o COSMOPOLA not only took care of the photo spread but also edited the fashion production ‘Home Office with Ella’ for LATEST MAGAZINE. Extremely versatile, fabulous Ella Eckersley c/o LOUISA MODELS struck poses for the camera. Styling was taken care of by Lisa-Maria LOHMANN c/o BIGOUDI.
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The business world is changing... Hochkantfilm produces with Director Knut Burgdorf for BMW, hair: Anja FICHTENMAYER c/o BIGOUDI

The heck with status – what we need is empathy. And also, good riddance to overtime… because what we want is tolerance, teamwork, diversity and, above all, to protect our environment,  … that’s the gist of the wonderful spot by Director Knut Burgdorf for BMW with hair by Anja FICHTENMAYER c/o BIGOUDI. And what about you? Are you ready for change? A production for BMW’s The New 5 Plug-in Hybrid by HOCHKANT FILM.
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