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Bigoudi, HMS : Beauty support for IRIS VON ARNIM and SANDRO PARIS, INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, grooming for TOYOTA and Mr. ICON, FILA, BRUNO BANANI, GALA, RE-EDITION, BEEF! mag, and new entry stylist Marian SCHLICKER

BIGOUDI is delighted to welcome new entry Marian SCHLICKER (styling) and presents you a first portfolio with works on GoSee. We also bring you in this issue:

Thomas LORENZ, make-up for INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, photographer: Max vom Hofe c/o Schierke Artists.

Sonja SHENOUDA, grooming for Mr ICON, photographer: Gregor Hohenberg c/o Kathrin Hohberg.

Kate MUR, make-up for RE-EDITION, photographer: Harley Weir c/o Art Partner.

Dennis BRANDT, grooming for TOYOTA Part I, photographer: Esther Haase c/o Schierke Artists.

Josie MARTENS, hair & make-up for LUXIDERS MAGAZINE, photographer: Suzana Holtgrave.

Francesca VIGLIAROLO, hair & make-up for IRIS VON ARNIM, photographer: André Hemstedt & Tine Reimer

Jürgen ZIMMERSTAEDT, foodstyling for BEEF!, photographers: Carsten Eichner, Jan-Peter Westermann.

Kathrin SEIDEL, styling for GALA, photographer: Carl Bengtsson c/o Skarp Agent.

Francesca VIGLIAROLO, hair for Beautiful BLOOD MAGAZINE, photographer: Tranchau.

Dennis BRANDT, hair & make-up for TOYOTA Part II, photographer: Esther Haase c/o Schierke Artists.

Antonia HAACKS: styling, & Sven Ohlsen: hair & make-up for FILA, photographer: Louise Carrasco.

Thomas LORENZ, make-up for SANDRO PARIS, photographer: Samuel Bradley.

Andreas SCHÖNAGEL, hair & make-up for BRUNO BANANI, photographer: Asa Tallgard c/o Kristina Korb.
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featured by Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement : 'Go Well' - David HAASE c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographs campaign motifs for SHELL V-POWER

David HAASE C/O TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT realized the lifestyle motifs for the new Shell V-Power campaign in cooperation with the agency Mediacom and Creative Director Frank Olma. The producer was Tim Ohly from Neuland, and models Anna König and Björn, styled by Marleen Riemen, were photographed on location with hair & make-up by Yvonne WENGLER c/o BIGOUDI.
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Superwoman Debra Shaw celebrates 'The Return of Elegance' in STERN mag - styling by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI

'The Return of Elegance' is the title of the STERN fashion special featuring American top model and Paris resident, Debra Shaw, as an uber-elegant cover star. The catwalk icon whose name is the buzz everywhere again at the moment was styled by Ingo Nahrwold c/o BIGOUDI. Ingo also came up with the concept for the editorial photographed by Roger Rich.
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