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BIGOUDI : Beauty support for ZARA, CLOSED, HARPER'S BAZAAR, GQ Watches, Golden Hour in The Beauty Bazaar, Vogue CZ & styling for young athletes in ESQUIRE ITALY

Thomas Lorenz c/o BIGOUDI took care of make-up for the client ZARA, and Anna Neugebauer c/o BIGOUDI did hair & make-up for CLOSED and photographer Yannick Schuette c/o Freda & Wolf.

Yvonne Wengler c/o BIGOUDI, hair & make-up, was on set for Harper's Bazaar with photographer Lea Wormsbach, while Paul Maximilian Schlosser c/o BIGOUDI realized a modern indoor sports spread with photographer and GoSee member ACHIM LIPPOTH for Esquire Italy.

Michael Salmen c/o BIGOUDI took care of grooming for a GQ Watches special with photographer Markus Jans c/o Supervision, and Melanie Hunger c/o BIGOUDI did hair & make-up for Yoko magazine and photographer Felix Bernason.

Yvonne Wengler, hair & make-up, was in charge of the looks in The Beauty Bazaar (photos: Anna Daki c/o Klaus Stiegemeyer), and Thomas Lorenz took care of make-up for a Vogue CZ editorial with photographer Michal Pudelka.
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BIGOUDI : Hair & make-up for the EUCERIN commercial, ZARA, Vogue CZ, WHITELIES, styling for C&A Westbury Premium, PEEK & CLOPPENBURG, TUSH, KERBER, BRAX, and new entry Kathrin Seidel, Ex-Fashion Director of ELLE

Gudrun Müller c/o BIGOUDI, took care of hair & make-up for beauty client EUCERIN with Director Joachim Berc for FCB Hamburg.

Thomas LORENZ c / o BIGOUDI was in charge of make-up for a production for the fashion giant ZARA, while stylist Cariin COWALSCII c/o BIGOUDI teamed up with photographer Julien Barbes for ENCORE MAGAZINE.

Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for WHITELIES (photographer: Stefan Dotter). Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI styled for TUSH MAG (photos: Armin Morbach).

Josie MARTENS c/o BIGOUDI, hair & make-up, and Marcell NAUBERT c/o BIGOUDI, styling, present personal spreads on GoSee.

Thomas Lorenz c/o BIGOUDI was also in charge of make-up for an editorial in Vogue CZ with photographer Michal Pudelka, and Anna Neugebauer c/o BIGOUDI did hair & make-up for Vogue CZ (photographer: Dan Beleiu).

Ingo Nahrwold c/o BIGOUDI styled for C&A Westbury Premium (photographer: Claude van Damn), and Sabine Klann took care of styling for PEEK & CLOPPENBURG and photographer Johan Hultman c/o Andrea Heberger as well as for Brax with photographer Wolfgang Holm.

Stylist Natalie Olenheim c/o BIGOUDI worked with photographer Maria Wretblad for KERBER.

Plus, BIGOUDI now welcomes Kathrin Seidel, long-year Fashion Director of Elle, on the team.
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BIGOUDI : Beauty support for Closed x Girbaud and Gucci Saks Fifth Avenue, PIER ONE, commercial for Nürnberger Versicherung, styling for TONI GARD, Baldessarini, HESS NATUR and an exhibitor at UPDATE!8BERLIN

BIGOUDI will be in Berlin again this year as an exhibitor at UPDATE. "We look forward to numerous visitors, a lively exchange of ideas, and a drink or two with old friends and new contacts." And here on GoSee, the agency for hair, make-up and styling presents the latest works of its internationally active artists.

Melanie HUNGER c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for the wonderful commercial for Nürnberger Versicherung on the subject of 'slow is almost enough', which was directed by Wolf & Lamm. Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI gave beauty support during the shoot for CLOSED X GIRBAUD with photographer Stefan Heinrichs c/o Industry Art. Hairstylist Andreas SCHÖNAGEL c/o BIGOUDI worked for GUCCI SAKS FIFTH AVENUE with photographer Bon Duke c/o New Light Films at Art & Commerce.

Anna NIZIO c/o BIGOUDI, Styling, worked with Anne Deppe c/o Solar und Fotografen on a personal production; Josie MARTENS c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for UNGER MAGAZINE, photographed by Roger Weber.

Stylist Cariin COWALSCII c/o BIGOUDI worked for client A.T.U with photographer and GoSee member Magnus Winter, while Anna NEUGEBAUER c/o BIGOUDI, hair & make-up, worked for JAKES with photographer Patrick Houi.

Yvonne WENGLER c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up for the client UZWEI with photographer Patrick Viebranz, Paul Maximilian SCHLOSSER c/o BIGOUDI styled for TONI GARD, photographer: Markus Pritzi.

Ingo Nahrwold c/o BIGOUDI styled for BALDESSARINI and photographer Thomas Kettner, Eva Dieckhoff took care of hair & make-up for PIER ONE with photographer Sergey Vasiliev, and stylist Ariane Lindhorst worked for HESS NATUR with photographer Petra Fischer. Plus, new entry in the area of hair & make-up: Kristina Heinisch.
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