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BLOG // 3 files // ILLUSION & ANALOG/DIGITAL for ROBIN WOOD (Grabarz & Partner)
// “Destroying nature is destroying life” – This time Illusion were on assignment to help Robin Wood, the environmental activists, by creating three powerful full CG visuals to raise public awareness of the ongoing destruction of animals’ natural habitats. We are proud to have b…
BLOG // 4 files // Cream Studios for KFC & OGILVY
// Cream Studios c/o SARAH LAIRD created these lifelike posters promoting KFC's new Zinger Fish Burger by sculpting animal characters in 3D : "The guys at Ogilvy let us have some fun this month with their campaign for the new Zinger Fish Fillet burger for KFC. All three characters were created…
BLOG // 2 files // TAYLOR JAMES : Nissan GT-R – Born Bad Made Good
// The Nissan GT-R v3 “Born Bad Made GOOD” campaign is one we are proud to have worked on — we are admirers of automotive photographer, Sjoerd Ten Kate and the Nissan GT-R v3. We used Digital Scouting and the supplied 3D data to explore possible lensing and height options for the thre…
BLOG // 11 files // Porsche E-Performance
// Client: Porsche Photographer: Thomas Strogalski Agency: Grabarz & Partner / CD: Ralf Nolting / AD: Tim Lehnebach CGI & Postproduction: Stefan Lampe Studios GmbH
BLOG // 27 files // Carioca Studio - now represented by MARLENE OHLSSON
// Carioca Studio c/o MARLENE OHLSSON is a full service image concept house based in Bucharest, Romania. The studio is specialised in advertising stills and video executions. We offer integrated visual services ranging from production (locations / casting / hair and make-up artists / set construction…
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