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news | Campaign for the sports watch Suunto 3 Fitness photographed by Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS in Malaga

Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS shot sports motifs for the SUUNTO 3 FITNESS, a robust fitness watch with smart functions, designed for everyone who leads an active life and does care about their health. The campaign photos were created under the sun of Malaga.

Based on a persons individual fitness level and recorded exercise history, the Suunto 3 Fitness calculates a 7-day exercise plan, with optimal duration and intensity for each workout to increase fitness. The Suunto 3 Fitness is designed for all sports, such as running, swimming and cycling, fitness, hiking and many more. The watch uses wrist-based pace measurement to measure speed and distance during walking and running activities, but also records speed and distance indoors.

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