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'Take Some Time for Yourself' - Swedish influencer Elsa Ekman in the HENKEL Barnängen campaign, photographed by Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

Balancing care products for a life in balance: that's the promise of the richly traditional Swedish body brand Barnängen. Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS was commissioned by Roba Press to photograph influencer Elsa Ekman in Sweden with the traditional product Barnängen from the company HENKEL. We present you here on GoSee only a small selection from the three-day shoot including countless locations in and around the unique city of Stockholm. Founded 1868 by the Swedish wholesaler Johan Wilhelm Holmström in Stockholm, Barnängen is now among the most popular brands in Sweden and is also supplier to the Swedish royal family.

About – Markus Henttonen commutes between Barcelona and Berlin – and has meanwhile more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.
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Susan Sarandon talks about freedom in EMOTION magazine – portraits of the Hollywood star by Tina LUTHER c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

For EMOTION magazine, Tina LUTHER met up with unparalelled American actress Susan Sarandon for a portrait shoot. Editor Betty Brenn was responsible for styling. Booked for hairstyling was Agnesha Kollien, and make-up was taken care of by Gregor Makris.

Sarandon, who became a feminist icon with the film "Thelma and Louise", is above all pleased that the fashion & beauty industry has recognized the potential of women of her age being a role model: "The idea of beauty is much broader today. Models are of more skin colors than ever, there are transgender models and older models. I think it's cool that people are recognizing that women over 40 are just as active, curious and alive." And she shares with the magazine about herself: "I consider myself a humanist. Men can be feminists too. Being feminist means supporting women, that they have the right and freedom to choose, that they can decide themselves about their bodies, that they are respected and get the same money for the same job."
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Fashion spread in DUEL magazine, published by Minsk Studio – photographed in Paris by Wendelin SPIESS c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

Wendelin SPIESS c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS took it to the streets of Paris to photograph for the new magazine DUEL – an independent magazine published by Minsk Studio. It is dedicated to photography, fashion, culture, contemporary art & graphic design. 1000 copies were produced for the latest issue – and each one is unique due to the screen printing technique used for production.

About - Minsk Studio
is a multi-disciplinary art direction, graphic design and strategy company based in Menilmontant, Paris, founded by Julie Dubos and Fahd El Jaoudi. Minsk is an agile studio focusing on a global approach. We are committed to finding unique, creative and strategic solutions for all of your design needs. We collaborate with visual artists, photographers, designers, architects, editors, and web developers to complete the multidisciplinary projects we work on.
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