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news | Claudia Bitzer : On the streets of nightly Barcelona with the Jaguar F-Pace and Diego Carrasco with the racing legend Ford GT40

In Barcelona, TIM ADORF c/o Claudia Bitzer photographed a series with the Jaguar F-Pace. Tim didn't want to merely stage the British SUV, he was also focused on the connection among man, machine and an urban lifestyle. And in model Diego Carrasco, he found the ideal protagonist.

The Ford GT40 is a racing legend which won the Le Mans 24 Hours four consecutive years starting in 1966, but was also built as a road vehicle. In his new series, JOHANNES KUEHN c/o Claudia Bitzer's approach was not to stage the car sparkling and brand new as usual using CGI, but to find an older look with more wear & tear, underscoring the true aura of the car. To do so, he shot backplates on a foggy night in Los Angeles, into which the iconic Ford GT40 was later rendered, and then supervised post production.

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