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Claudia Bitzer : clear contours and purist Scandinavian design – is the look of the VOLVO V90 Cross Country, photographed by Christian SCHMIDT

Befittingly of its design, CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT staged the Volvo V90 Cross Country: modern architecture which with its straight-forward aesthetic additionally underscores the imagery. It is all accompanied by a score from pop poet and literature Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan: 'Don´t think twice…' Putting on the final touches in post production was Simon Geis von vividgrey. Photographed in parallel to this project by Christian was an extensive job for Skoda. The photos can only be shown in a few weeks... and naturally here on GoSee.
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Claudia Bitzer presents new entry Lars JOCKUMSEN, BFF photographer from Hamburg, with an exciting CV and insight into his portfolio (surf, lifestyle & portrait) on GoSee

Being creative is like breathing – is the maxim of young photographer Lars Jockumsen, born in 1987, who is now represented by CLAUDIA BITZER. Lars is a kid from the coast through and through. Born on the North Sea island of Sylt, he can not imagine life without water. But he discovered his love for photography elsewhere: on a lavender farm in Canada at the age of 22. Meanwhile, Lars has turned his passion into a profession, has become a BFF member, has moved his livelihood to Hamburg and has received several awards for his photos.

The fact that his photos are often about water is not surprising considering his Vita. But above all, they are about people. Whether in action or a portrait, his friendly and respectful approach allows Lars to easily connect with them. Anyone who has ever met him will immediately understand that. If you do not already know him, it's about time you did. Claudia Bitzer and team will gladly introduce you – so 'let's team up and shoot'.

His clients include Alexa Benkert | Chipiron Surfboards | Christian Kreiss (Sylt Sport) | Dederichs Reinecke & Partner | Emovum | Frederic von Osten | Maison Van Den Boer | Myfisiotraining | OAK Surfboards | Quintet Publishing | Rock Islands Surfboards | SVG | Tim Schubert | Virginia Giesen, and his publications are in Kiteboarding Magazine | Luerzer’s Archive | MINT Magazine | Nouvelle Vague | Prime Surfing Magazine | SurfGirl Magazine | Wavelength | WeAre Magazine... We have several works here on GoSee, and more is available from CLAUDIA BITZER.
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'Welcome to the know-it-alls' - being smart is the new cool. TELE.RING campaign for Serviceplan Austria by Clemens Ascher c/o CLAUDIA BITZER

Know it all' is the name of the campaign which CLEMENS ASCHER photographed for the second-largest Austrian mobile service provider TELE.RING. “The focus of the communication was on the communication is a value system – depicted by a know-it-all. People who make better choices than others because they think before they do something and only buy what the really need,” the agency says about the campaign. Creative Directors were Christian Gosch + Robert Dassel. Production took place in Zagreb and Prague.
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