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Claudia Bitzer : Fast Internet for the countryside – the TELEKOM campaign with DDB Hamburg, a visit to the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit, and meet the agency at UPDATE!8BERLIN

Fast Internet for rural regions – is what Telekom promises and has developed an advertising campaign with DDB Hamburg, for which CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER was commissioned to shoot the photos at selected locations throughout southern Germany. Location scouting and production were taken care of by Tobias Seifert c/o ADD PICTURES.

Visiting the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit immediately captivated JOHANNES KUEHN c/o CLAUDIA BITZER. He stopped by the Cape Town circuit to shoot CGI backplates and soon realized that he was no longer in Kansas, or Germany for that matter: "It was totally easy. You could walk anywhere you wanted, talk to anyone. Everyone was friendly and open. "Which is why Johannes jumped on the idea to photograph this captivating environment, not only focusing on the racing but also on the environment and the people working behind the scenes.
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Claudia Bitzer : Wind, wave, and clouds by Christian Schmidt for FORD FIESTA ACTIVE and GTB London, Johannes Kuehn photographs the Lamborghini Huracán in Cape Town, and the agency at UPDAT!8 BERLIN

Wind, waves and clouds provide the perfect backdrop for the Ford Fiesta Active. The fitting location was scouted by CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT near Barcelona, where he photographed several interior and exterior motifs on commission for GTB London. Christian was supported by Spanish production company and GoSee member IMAGE NATION with Jean Francois Rioche. From the agency, CD Camilla Herberstein and AD Jack Kerruish were in charge of realization, and art buying was taken care of by Mark Doyle.

Elegant Italian design with simple & practical architecture. That's the character of the new sports car series by JOHANNES KUEHN in a nutshell. The focus is on Lamborghini's Huracán – that lives up to its name when it comes to aesthetics and performance. In the port of Cape Town, Johannes found imagery befitting of this extraordinary car.

And meet the representation at UPDATE this October in Berlin.
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Launch campaign of the SKODA Karoq by Christian SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER for Fallon Prag

For the launch campaign of the SKODA Karoq, Christian SCHMIDT photographed almost three weeks in and around Copenhagen. Created on commission for Fallon Prague were several photos, which have now been released for presentation. The brief was not only the showcase the car but to also convey a summery mood in urban surroundings.
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