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OF RAINBOWS AND OTHER MONUMENTS - the new series by Clemens ASCHER c/o CLAUDIA BITZER for you on GoSee

“OF RAINBOWS AND OTHER MONUMENTS” is the name Clemens ASCHER c/o CLAUDIA BITZER gave his new series, for which he has created a surreal world with a blend of photography and CGI, serving as the backdrop for his heroes: the legendary Ferrari Rainbow and its furious drivers. Claudia Bitzer: “Clemens shows with yet another new Volvo series that his graphical, artistic style works brilliantly with modern series vehicles and brings a refreshing new look to transportation photography.”
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The OPEL VIVARO shows what is can do - photos by Johannes KÜHN c/o CLAUDIA BITZER

In an extensive shoot, Johannes KÜHN c/o CLAUDIA BITZER staged the multitalent VIVARO from OPEL. At various locations in and around Rüsselsheim, the brief was to depict the versatility of the transporter. Whether as an honest workhorse on the job or as a comfortable companion for hobby and leisure time: The Vivaro always gets the job done. Behind the camera: Johannes.
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VOLVO V90 Cross Country series - photos: Christian SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER

Urban surroundings, people doing the day-to-day thing, natural light: In his Volvo V90 Cross Country series, CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER went way back to the roots of transportation photography. “He demonstrates that honest, authentic and beautiful photos are not necessarily the product of technology overkill, but are ultimately down to the eye of the person behind the lens – at least when that eye belongs to Christian Schmidt.” his Hamburg-based reps tell GoSee.
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