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blink imaging : editorials for PAPERPLANES, VW MAG, MADAME, campaigns for DUDEN, ADIDAS, PEDIGREE and relaunch

The Blink Imaging Post Production Department finished a 12 page spread by photographer Joachim BALDAUF c/o SHOTVIEW for PAPERPLANES magazine. The shoot was very much inspired by Madonna’s extrovert fetish phase in the 90s.

Blink Imaging supervised photographer Niko Schmid-Burgk’s shoot for the new DUDEN campaign. The super fast 60MP Back P65+ and high-end work station fulfilled all wishes. Niko and the Heye & Partner agency also entrusted the finish of the motifs to the professionals.

Blink Imaging took care of the post production of 11 football motifs for photographer Detlef Schneider and client ADIDAS. They developed the look together and realised the elaborate composition.

The Blink team supervised a MADAME editorial shoot for photographer and GoSee member Anja FRERS. Despite the constant location changes they were always at the ready thanks to the mobile work station. They also took care of the retouching.

Niko Schmid-Burgk photographed new Wolfsburg FC trainer Armin Veh for VW magazine. Blink Imaging provided the equipment, usual digital support and retouching.

Things took on a more four legged shape in a shoot for Gabor GEISSLER, assisted by the Blink team. The Blink Operator provided a mobile workstation on set and studio workstation in a mobile home, ensuring an ideal workflow during the shoot for the new PEDIGREE campaign.

Furthermore, they recently updated their website.

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blink imaging : editorials for MADAME, BOLERO, OK MAGAZINE, campaigns for MC ARTHUR CLEN and ICON, as well as WWK, NIVEA FOR MEN...

Niko Schmid-Burgk photographed a campaign to celebrate the new opening of the MC ARTHUR GLEN designer outlet in Berlin. Blink provided an optimum digital workflow with the 60mp Digitalback P65+ and Studio Workstation and entirely high-end data for the large format posters. The Postproduction Department took care of the retouching and the suitable finish.

The Blink post production professionals worked on a 14 page editorial for BOLERO MEN magazine, Switzerland and photographer Joachim BALDAUF c/o SHOTVIEW.

Joachim entrusted another editorial for BOLERO, this time round with female protagonists, to the Blink Imaging Retouching Department.

Hamburg-based photographer Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN booked Blink Imaging for his shoot with charts topper James Morrison for OK MAGAZINE. The Blink Operator made sure that the workflow was as smooth, as smooth can be. The look was developed during the shoot, together with Philipp and then fine-tuned by Blink’s retouch experts later on.

Photographer duo Angie Gassner & Thomas Mailer were also helped out by Blink Imaging, this time round with top equipment and service, in a shoot for the latest issue of MADAME.

Joachim BALDAUF c/o SHOTVIEW photographed top model Franziska Knuppe dripping in jewellery worth millions for ICON magazine. The final look was provided by the post production pros.

Blink assisted photographer Sandra Seckinger on a campaign shoot, spread across several days, for WWK Insurance. The equipment was changed to suit the locations that changed every day. Layout versions of later composition possibilities were visualised on set and then finished up by the Blink Post Department later.

Here is a small selection of productions, which we are not allowed to show photos of (yet):

Italian star photographer Giovanni Gastel shot winning country outfits of the TRIUMPH INSPIRATION AWARD 2009 on super model Jourdan Dunn. Blink Imaging provided the high-end equipment and made sure the workflow ran smoothly. Quick retouches, as well as final looks were already carried out in the studio.

Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed Germany’s football coach Jogi Löw for NIVEA FOR MEN. Blink Imaging accompanied the shoot with a P65+ Digitalback and Studio Work Station. They also joined Philipp on a trip to London for WELLA.

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blink imaging : ST.EMILE, ADIDAS, W&V and DRÄGER, editorials in MADAME and A-SECRET-MAGAZINE

Photographer Joachim BALDAUF c/o SHOTVIEW booked the blink imaging capture service team to assist him on his ST. EMILE campaign shoot in Berlin. The operator provided a P65+ Phase One back and high-end workstation, ensuring a smooth work flow. The photographer, client and Werbewelt advertising agency also entrusted the retouching to the blink pros.

Detlef Schneider photographed Olympics champions in Berlin. Blink imaging supervised the ADIDAS shoot, both under and above water. The retouching was cairred out by the postprodcution department.

Blink capture team realised the latest W&V campaign with photographer Niko Schmid-Burgk and the Heye & Partner advertising agency. The locations were scattered across Germany, ranging from Karlsruhe to Sylt. The post production department took care of the retouching and the final look.

The blink imaging post production team collaborated with Joachim BALDAUF c/o SHOTVIEW once more, this time on a delicate series for the latest issue of TUSH magazine.

The team travelled to Paris for photographer Norbert BÄRES c/o LILA MANAGEMENT’s shoot for exclusive and limited edition A-SECRET-MAGAZINE. The capture service team made sure the digital workflow was perfect, whilst the post production experts took over the final look and retouch.

Blink imaging took charge of the post production on the new DRÄGER helmets campaign for the Elephantseven agency, Hamburg.

The blink team supervised photography duo 585’s editorial for MADAME. The mobile workstation enabled them to work efficiently regardless of the ongoing changes in location. The final look and retouch were of course also included.

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