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Kiel Fragments

I got the idea for this project while on a road trip across the eastern parts of Germany. At the time, I was taking a lot of photos of East German architecture, most of it sitting at lofty heights. This led to a constant struggle with perspective - the converging lines of the vertical vanishing points made it hard to arrive at anything visually pleasing, and I kept thinking I should just isolate the interesting parts to make them float in mid-air. Back home, I did a few tests and was pleased with the results. On a sunny October morning, I drove to Kiel, my city of birth, and searched the downtown area for prominent buildings. Kiel is actually full of interesting architecture, so after just a few hours I already had a ton of suitable pictures. I narrowed them down to nine photos and started isolating the interesting parts. Cutting out part of a large building requires reconstructing the missing third dimension - most of all the underside, if you aimed your camera up.

Dress yourself IN LOVE: Love author Mirjam Grupp launches Wearable Poetry

Titled IN LOVE, writer Mirjam Grupp launches a new edition of Wearable Poetry.

IN LOVE consists of heavy organic cotton sweatshirts with slogans that support you in supporting yourself.

The sustainability of the production process is followed by emotional sustainability in the wearing process. Mirjam: “Wearable Poetry is designed to empower yourself – to literally put on the self-responsibility to live from a place of love – or return to it.”

The slogans WOMAN IN LOVE, MAN IN LOVE, HUMAN IN LOVE and AN OPEN HEART IS BULLETPROOF come either with a soft velvet touch or they glow in the dark. All pieces are hand-printed by Mirjam in a Berlin lab.

“Writing a book is a beautiful process. But it is also a lengthy one and, at the end of a day, you can’t really touch your work,” says the writer who loves fashion.

That’s why she started Wearable Poetry.

“In winter 2017, when working on my book about almost love stories, I initially started stitching self-love poetry on vintage knitwear.”

The collection grew and in 2019 Mirjam presented the PRELOVED edition in...

Ain't no boundaries, ain't no rules // NARÈNTE's editorial on Italian Magazine CAP74024 shot on the island - Sardinia

Newface Jacopo casted, styled+lensed by us NARÈNTE // Lucio Aru + Franco Erre
Out now on Italian magazine CAP74024
Makeup+Hair Daniela Dessì
Location: Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy)

TUA ´DANA´ feat. Kati Nescher - MUSIC VIDEO (released 2nd Dec 2020)

Direction & DoP: Yves Borgwardt, Full Production Studio Yves Borgwardt, Co-Director, Cutting & Editing Christoph Bauer, Cast Kati Nescher @ammodelmanagement, Tua @chimperator, Make Up (Kati Nescher) Ischrak Nitschke, Stylist (Kati Nescher) Saskia Schmidt, Hair (Kati Nescher) Sina Velke


Weaving Afro-Feminine Identity through Strings of Art and Media

Form Femine Art: Panning the spotlight on Nigerian artist Tammy Sinclair

For what Africa lacks in development, it has an abundance of in culture and tradition. A continent endowed with immense natural and human resources as well as great cultural diversity rich in arts & crafts including sculptures, paintings and a host of others.

The uprising of the African creative across the globe speaks to the resilience of the people and an eagerness for expression and narrative ownership.

Like in all human culture, African art also represents a variety of social constructs on the continent and influences from beyond.
The artist gives an insight on what influences his creative and thought process. “I am of the school of thought that the strength of a society is dependent on how they treat their women. A woman's importance in the human experience cannot be overstated. Women are the most beautiful yet complex creatures. They can be hot and cold, hard and soft at the same time. They can be black and white and red and pink and green. There is no one word that describes a woman. For...

ORDERLY CHAOTIC STUDIO "The colour and the shape" for Fizzy Mag

In this streetwear editorial “The color and the shape” we played with colourful 3d shapes in contrast with some of Berlin’s most iconic cold architecture in order to give a surreal spin to our realty. The styling combines favourite streetwear labels with high street brands giving it a slight futuristic touch.

Orderly Chaotic Studio is the fruit of the combination of Federica & Alexander Roncaldier. The name of our studio comes from our opposite personalities which fuel our creativity while keeping us balanced.

Joseph Ford - Invisible Jumpers Cow film

This is a film I made as part of my Invisible Jumpers / Knitted Camouflage project .... I began my adult life sensibly enough by studying French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then horrified my parents by deciding to be a photographer. The best summary of what I do is 'storytelling with a side order of off-beat creativity and an occasional sprinkling of optical illusions'. Twins blended into a wall with custom knitwear? Check. A railway line merging into a zipper? Check. A lifestyle shoot featuring a cardboard teenager? Yup, that too. Clients around the world choose me to create advertising and editorial images and films of people on location or in studio. I love finding creative solutions and ideas and making sure everyone has fun in the process. The practical details I like to keep productions as lightweight as possible. It's easier to manage, more cost-effective and minimises the environmental impact. I work with amazing post-production and CGI studios, stylists, hair/makeup artists, casting directors, location finders,...