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ARCHIPELAGO // NARÈNTE // Lucio Aru+Franco Erre

ARCHIPELAGO A photographic series of human body details as strong, melancholic, breathtaking landscapes. Skin, hands, knees, necks, feet, penises, hairs. Movements, textures, powder, grain. Body landscapes.

NEW! British Food Misunderstood - Ilka & Franz

In their British Food Misunderstood series, Ilka & Franz reinvent six of the most confusing British dishes. Kindly published in Food& magazine, Issue #5 Food&Losers.

Concept, Set Design, Food Styling, Photo and Post-Production: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling (Black Pudding & Cream Tea): Sam Dixon

UPDATE-19-BERLIN further exhibitors confirmed - so far 70 agencies from England, US, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, .... so register now !

Bransch, Bernstein & Andriulli, Nu Projects, Photoby, Strange Cargo, Hille Photographers, René Hauser, Zerone, Menu, Agent Bauer .... up to 70 exhibitors are looking forward seeing you in Berlin. UPDATE-19-BERLIN, 15 November 2019, Hotel Titanic, Berlin.If you are interested in joining us very last minute send us an email: update@update.salon

As visitor (AB-CD-AP-AD-Press-Client) you can register free of charge
- update@update.salon.

Nike Air Force I

Nike Air Force 1
Client: Shoot Europe in collaboration with photographers & filmmakers from Thursday’s Child platform
Project: All For 1 Campaign
Director: Flavia Martinez
Photography: Victoria Barmakt
Location: Mexico City
Local Production Services: Barona Productions

Simply Be 2019 Summer Campaign

Simply Be
Client: Beautiful Productions
Project: UK Summer Campaign 2019
Director & Photography: James Meakin
DoP: John Fisher
BTS Photographer: Gavin O'Neill
BTS Video: Jen Madden Studio & Karl Lee Chapman
Location: Holbox, Yucatan
Local Production Sevices: Barona Productions & Sergio Mendez

Jon Moe shoots Allure Bridals fall collection

Allure Bridals
Client: Jon Moe (via Gabo Guerrero)
Project: Fall Collection 2019
Director & Photography: Jon Moe
DoP: Sean Slobodan
Location: Tulum, Valladolid, Izamal, Merida
Local Production Sevices: Barona Productions
Line: Luis Arceo

Keep Dreams Alive Campaign for NPH/WereldOuders children homes around Latin America

Awards: 2 silver lamps in the Best Director and Best Cinematography category at Dutch Creativity Awards 2019
Nominations: CANNES 2019 Human Rights category
Client: Monique van Beckhoven (for Epidemie Holland)
Project: Keep Dreams Alive
Director: Bram Van Alphen
DoP: Robbie Van Brussel
Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos
Local Production Sevices: Barona Productions