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Photographer & Director Elliott Wilcox c/o MAKING PICTURES

Elliott Wilcox c/o MAKING PICTURES is a London based, British photographer who studied MA Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster. He has been the recipient of several awards including a Judges Award at the Nikon Discovery Awards and a New York Photo Award. He also won a prestigious Lucie Award for the Discovery of the Year at the International Photography Awards.

He has exhibited internationally and in the UK. His first major series 'Courts' was part of the show ‘PRUNE – Abstracting Reality’ at FOAM Gallery Amsterdam with guest curator Kathy Ryan, editor of the New York Times Magazine. He was also part of the BBC’s documentary series – School of Saatchi. His art work beat thousands of emerging art talents to the top ten artists and only photographer involved in the show.

Elliott has had three major solo shows at the Bau-Xi Photo Gallery Toronto and dnj Gallery Los Angeles for his series, Courts and Walls. He continues to develop his photographic practice and push the boundaries of his medium.

Clients include: Adidas, BBC, Champion, Mulberry, PS by Paul...


Bechtle AG: Annual Report and Image Pool

Photoshooting for Annual Report and Image Pool of Grammer AG.

Client: Grammer AG
Agency: Kirchhoff Consult, Hamburg
ArtDirekction: Roswitha Kindler
Assistent: Felix Albertin
Postproduction: Silke Sauritz, Pixatura

Autostadt GmbH: Architecture Photography

Location: Porsche Pavillion
Client: Autostadt GmbH
Assistent: Felix Albertin
​Post Produktion: Silke Sauritz

GoSee loves .... 'PAY ATTENTION MOTHER FUCKERS' - Limited Edition screen printed poster by Broomberg and Chanarin

This month’s poster is a homage to Bruce Nauman’s ‘PAY ATTENTION MOTHER FUCKERS’, an early example of his ‘word-images’. Made in 1973 the phrase has a new-found resonance in the age of social media; when attention has become a commodity that each of us is trading in new and mysterious ways.

Each unique screen print is made in our East London studio on a different page of the International New York Times, signed and numbered by the artists. Posters can be purchased at choppedliverpress.com

All orders are sent by first class recorded delivery. Save £50 When You Buy a Pair with the code LOVE

Chopped Liver Press was founded by artists Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin to publish limited edition books and posters. Their posters are made from selected pages from the International New York Times, and hand-printed by Broomberg & Chanarin in their East London studio. Each group of 100 posters features a different quote chosen by the artists; a chronology of their influences and ideas. Every poster is unique and signed. Artists' website: www.broombergchanarin.com


'Sell me the truth for a change, stop making me feel like I’m missing out. Inspire me to be bored and get offline. ..' Ask RANKIN Anything! #honestyistrending

The renowned British photographer, publisher, and film director, Rankin is set to edit an upcoming issue of The Drum. Rankin, who has shot everyone from Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner to The Queen and whose titles include Dazed & Confused, AnOther Magazine and Hunger Magazine, plans to use his guest editorship to take on the idea of honesty in advertising.

His issue of the print edition of The Drum will be a rallying cry to the industry to: “Sell me the truth for a change, stop making me feel like I’m missing out. Inspire me to be bored and get offline. Seduce me with reality, not fantasy, or why even seduce me at all!
“Stop being scared of having an opinion and don’t fall for everything you read. Just because it’s easy, data is not your solution, it’s polarising the planet and by using it you are financing it!

“Find a way to make your products work better, last longer and stop changing your fucking power leads every five seconds! Sell me the idea of consuming less, there are enough things in the world, find a way to make that work for your business. Treat me like a person...

'Inside the Rise of a Hip-Hop Cowboy' - Christaan Felber c/o GIANT ARTISTS photographed Lil NasX for Rolling Stone

Christaan Felber photographed Lil NasX for Rolling Stone. The 20-year-old rapper is responsible for the unlikeliest hit single of 2019, "Old Town Road."

'On a sleepy Monday morning at the horse stables in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, Lil Nas X has got exactly one horse in the back. Nas — real name Montero Hill — is the 20-year-old rapper and internet savant behind the unlikeliest hit single of this (or any) year: the hip-hop-country crossover “Old Town Road.” A few months ago, he was a college dropout living on his sister’s couch in Atlanta with a negative balance in his Wells Fargo account. Now, he’s crushed Drake’s single-week streaming record and had the Number One song in the country for five weeks straight, somehow fending off a new Taylor Swift song from the top spot. As he himself puts it, “Time’s been going pretty fast.” read the article on ROLLING STONE and find more artwork from CHRISTIAAN FELBER via GIANT ARTISTS.

Balbusso Twins invites you to visit ILLUSTRI Festival (May 18 - June 23), Basilica Palladiana, Venice, Italy

Balbusso Twins invites you to visit ILLUSTRI Festival 2019. #illustri presents 11 artists : Camilla Falsini, Daniela Tieni, Elisa Seitzinger, Ilaria Faccioli, Irene Rinaldi, Anna+Elena=Balbusso Twins, Francesco Bongiorni, Menuele Fior, Marco Mazzoni, Emiliano Ponzi, Luca Font.

ILLUSTRI Festival . ​May 18 - June 23 2019 Basilica Palladiana, Venice, Italy . illustrifestival.com

Resort Philippines Opportunity

For those looking for a year-round sunny location in the Philippines' largest islands, to spend happy days, while having a profitable business for a couple for example. I have my friend who wants to sell her house to return to France. This is a guest house, for events such as: reinforcement of entrepreneurship, family reunion, birthdays, wedding reception, couple's refuge, filming location or photo shoot.

For any information please contact me. Curious or not serious to abstain, thanks.