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Björn Ewers @ Cosmopola - new 3D series for ghostwhyte - 👻 “There’s a ghost in my house”

👻 “There’s a ghost in my house”
BJÖRN EWERS @studyo_314 created this colorful series for @ghostwhyte - Check out and enjoy the full #gridimage here @studyo_314 @cosmopola_berlin #gridimage

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Andreas Vigl c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER, passionate sports and outdoor photographer, portfolio on GoSee

Mountainbike, Crossfit, Skiing, Antarctic Dive, Climbing, Outdoor Lifestyle... Andreas VIGL loves action and natural lights...see more of his work on KLAUS STIEGEMEYER.

As a participating athlete in every sport he is shooting, he gained a deep love and appreciation of the people and emotions involved. He uses his camera as a tool of visual communication, creating images of natural authenticity. With his preference of relying solely on natural light and the experience gained working with professional athletes, he is able to let his viewers relive those special moments through his work.

Jorge Parra Photography shoots the 2020 campaign for Wearable Artifacts Art-to-Wear first line of products

Photographer and Creative Content Producer Jorge Parra has recently photographed the first Art-to-Wear collection of classic pieces of swimwear and loungewar printed with Jorge's own Fine Art work from hi PETALLIKA collection of images, all under the new brand "Wearable Artifacts".

The brand concept is based on the limited edition series of images the artist started creating in Thailand after an Artistic Meditation Retreat in a Buddhist Monastery in the HImmawan Forestal Reserve, some 8 hours away from Bangkok.

The resulting work is a series of fascinating an hauntig geometric mutations created from different flower petals captured and post-processed digitally. The unfortunate situation from the COVIS_19 stopped the opening of the Gallery Show for Petallika in Miami and has been rescheduled for next year, but meantime, the selected products printed with the fine art images are ready to roll and the online store will open as soon as the partial lockdowns and beaches shutdown begin to fade away.

For the swimwear products, Jorge decided to take on one of his favorite...

My artworks selected by Jungle awards 2019.


My artwork selected by American Illustration 39 competition



On the subject of the Corona Crisis, Christoph produced the haunting and atmospheric film #NOTthesameprocedure for Edelhof in 1514 during the shutdown, quite spontaneously and with a small team. Based on the commonly known film "Dinner for One", the story about the topic of how to keep in touch with the elderly during the Corona crisis and how it can be alleviated with the help of modern technology was created. All necessary and required hygiene rules were strictly adhered to.

GORE® PYRAD® clothing with disturbing light arc protection

Director and Photographer: Christoph Siegert
Agency: modus Werbung, Hamburg
Client: W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH

The modus agency in Hamburg commissioned Christoph to realize a photo campaign and two accompanying films for their client W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH (GORE-TEX).
The workwear with arc-fault protection was to be staged authentically and in a real working environment. The challenge was to present an ordinary work situation in an extraordinary way. In addition, very similar visual languages and looks had to be created for film and photo motifs in order to establish a consistent campaign look.


AGENTMOLLY&CO presents Ryan Koopmans 'Portrait Of Modernity'

'Portrait Of Modernity' - An ongoing exploration of surreal architecture, structures and megacities around the world with an emphasis on the social and environmental consequences of hyper-globalization. Ryan Koopmans c/o AGENTMOLLY&CO is a Dutch Canadian photographer interested in the built environment and the societies that are shaped by those environments.

Born in Amsterdam (1986) he was raised on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, completed his undergraduate education at UBC in Vancouver, and in 2012 received a Masters of Fine Art in Photography, Video & Related Media at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

His undergraduate degree in the interdisciplinary practices of geography, art history, and psychology formed the basis for his interest in architecture and the communities living in that architecture.

Koopmans is primarily drawn to photographing surreal structures in our world’s megacities and urban landscapes. Formal qualities in their geometry, repetition, and saturation help him illustrate what he terms ‘the poetry of form in interesting...