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Clément Gino joins To the moon and back for his international representation

Clément Gino is a young French director and photographer.
As a careful listener and fine observer, Clément naturally captures through the lens of his camera the inner beauty that lies in every little thing that makes life beautiful: nature, women and even the agitation of the city.
A true nature’s lover, yet urban with a strong street art culture, in any given setting the calm within the motion gives Clément’s work a paradoxical elegance and sensuality.
While genuine kindness emanates from his work, an uplifting energy, spontaneous and contagious combined with a sharp sense of casting, inner music and rhythm add to a very modern vibe.
Brands such as Flower by Kenzo, Puma and L’Oreal already chose Clément for his ability to accurately catch grace in a meaningful way.
We are happy to welcome this rare talent among the directors we represent.


Bilster Berg

In the extraordinary summer of 2018, the Aerial Team kopterwork was on the BILSTER BERG.Together with a team of independent filmmakers, the new image film and two module films for BILSTER BERG were to be created.
From sunrise to sunset, we were able to explore the location in a sunny, friendly atmosphere. From culinary highlights to state-of-the-art facilities, with the high-tech of the racetrack, the system has a lot to offer: 4.2km long, 19 curves, 26 percent slope - and a topography made to create exceptional experiences.


Emily Hall - Head of Fashion & Lifestyle Campaigns

The power of Instagram Stories really comes to life at 10,000 followers. Because at this point, an influencer can induce the swipe-up function.

Moving beyond views and impressions, this is now allowing influencers to have a better call-to-action in their stories and encourage better engagement with your brand. The consumer can now not only view their favourite influencer’s outfit of the day, they can swipe up to shop it straight away. Unlike posts in feed which don’t support hyperlinks and therefore force influencers to have one sole link in bio, the story links allows immediate action. Removing any complication and additional steps to get clicks means a much higher click-through-rate.

Some brands can be wary of using Instagram stories due to their sometimes informal and unpolished formatting, however, this is why we think they work so well. The authenticity of a story is what makes product placement so effective as the product or service can seamlessly fit into the lives of the influencer. When someone is genuinely...


By Esme Rice - Marketing Manager

On the 22nd October, our proposals team noticed a gentleman called David Cyril on Instagram with around 2k followers. They shared it across the office saying how sweet he was and predicting that his account would go viral.

At the time of writing (Nov 9th) he now has 53.2k followers with exponential growth over the past week. He has gone viral across social media and is driving quite the audience, but how has the slimming world star reached such an audience?

DavidCyril_SW represents the very purest and most authentic part of Instagram and social media. He is sharing his journey for the sheer pleasure of sharing his journey and being part of the slimming world community. He isn’t trying to grow his profile, get likes or engagement. Ironically, that’s why people are engaging so much with his page.

His post celebrating 10k followers has 14k likes alone. His relationship with his audience is one of support and positivity as social savvy millennials and Gen Z appreciate his genuine approach to the platform.

He is the breath of fresh air...

Nirvan Javan Eyewear

In November 2015 I photographed the new Eyewear Collection for the Swiss Company Nirvan Javan.

LS PRODUCTIONS | Veja AW18 Lookbook

A wild AW18 lookbook, The Skye Journey was shot in amongst the rugged scenery, characterful trees and Highland coos on the island.

Client: Veja
Photographer: Vincent Desailly
Stylist: Émilie Türck
Models: Mahsa Mirzaie, Davy Swart
Production Company: LS Productions