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SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse goes on sale

The SAPPHIRE is an extraordinary project in Germany’s capital. The unforgettable architecture in the shape of a rough diamond on the historic Chausseestraße in Berlin, which forms the centre of the city and for decades marked a boundary between East and West, emerges as the heart of the Mitte district. None other than Daniel Libeskind was commissioned to build the SAPPHIRE. International architecture lovers and friends of the city on the Spree have already secured an apartment in this finely polished jewel. Only now has one penthouse just been made available for sale.

After architecture projects such as the Dancing Towers in Seoul, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Ground Zero Master Plan in New York, Libeskind reveals that he was happy to be able to build dozens of museums worldwide. However, he sees the greatest challenge in the design of living spaces which are inhabited by people.

Libeskind developed his first (and perhaps only) residential building in Berlin on Chausseestraße, just a few meters from where the Berlin Wall used to stretch. SAPPHIRE bears the...

"Volvo: The E.V.A. Initiative" - directed by Laerke Herthoni for Forsman & Bodenfors, produced by Goodbye Kansas Studios

Directed by renowned Swedish director Laerke Herthoni, this Volvo commercial highlights the fact that the car industry traditionally has based its’ safety research on male crash tests dummies. Now Volvo release more than 40 years of safety research to the entire auto industry – to make cars safer for everyone. Not just the average male. Goodbye Kansas married Herthoni’s creative vision with the skills of our Motion Capture team in Uppsala and digital artists in Stockholm, producing a both beautiful and important commercial – a car commercial without a single car in it.

Client: Volvo
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Director New Land: Laerke Herthoni
Producer New Land: Joel Rostmark
DOP: Rasmus Videbaek


On the eve of Art Brussels, artist Chiharu Shiota will be unveiling a new installation, Black Rain, at Galerie Templon in Brussels. This immersive work with its spectacular setting of black umbrellas was created as a reaction to drastic experiences in the artist’s life.

The artist explains: “A storm appears on the horizon, the clouds grow darker and darker. This is not a light drizzle, cleaning the air giving life to earth, this is a natural catastrophe, threatening my existence. The black sky absorbs all light, all life. Underneath the umbrella, the sound of the rain grows louder and louder. It is deafening. The rain has turned black, my emotions have become dull, my existence is uncertain.

With my installation "Black Rain" I want to express this dark time in my life, the storm that I have endured. In 2017, the doctor informed me that the cancer had returned, it had been twelve years since I had recovered from this disease. In this time, I had been working constantly, creating new installations and traveling to exhibitions, I was occupied with life and had forgotten that...

New Work by Ilka & Franz for Wired UK

Ilka & Franz have shot a set of colourful paper craft still lifes for the 10 Year Anniversary Issue of Wired UK.

Concepts, Photography and Post-Production: Ilka & Franz
Paper Craft: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff

Ice Cream for Dinner with Ruby Tandoh

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot chef and food writer (and former Bake Off contestant) Ruby Tandoh as she sat down for an all ice cream dinner for one for the cover of Guardian Weekend.

Photography & Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling :: Olivia Bennett
Styling :: Zoe Kozlik
Hair & Make-Up :: Grace Ellington

New Work: Ilka & Franz for Spiegel Wissen

Ilka & Franz got commissioned to shoot still life images for the most recent issue of Spiegel Wissen all about germs and viruses.

Photography & Post-Production :: Ilka & Franz
Food Styling :: Iain Graham


Anne Mair illustrated again for the Bergwelten Magazine.
She worked in mix-media technique and assambled the different styles in a collage. Both illustrations got created for an essay about outdoor and functional clothing. Nowadays theses cloths are bought for everyday live, although they are originally used for extrem situations and mountain expeditions.

In addition Anne also created collages for the Austria and Germany Issue, which were animated for Online PR. They are about City Tours and little Get Aways like hiking tours. Here is the final Animation.


The new Adidas Hub in Frankfurt opened its doors and our Kristina designed specifically for this event the Warsteiner Fridges. Here is a Making Of Video showing the beautiful artist in action.