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Ilka & Franz for Bandstand X Wembley Park

Ilka & Franz just shot lots of funky stills and moving image for Wembley Park, commissioned by Bandstand and working with an amazing team!

Photography: Ilka & Franz @ Horton Stephens
Art Direction: Shane Horn @ Bandstand
Set Design: Katie Fotis
Set Design Assistant: Caroline Byrne
Paper Craft: Lydia Kasumi Shirreff
Styling: Zoe Kozlik
Make-Up: Marie Bruce
Hair: Benjamin David
Nail Artist: Emma Zentner
DOP (Moving Image): Vlad Jakovlev
Talent: Anand Desai Barochia @ Sandra Reynold, Lasharn W @ BMA, Natasha_C @ MOT, Jessye @ BodyLondon and Vicky B, Paul C and Stephanie @ Hired Hands
On-Set Production: Christie Phedon
Retouching: Smoke & Mirrors X Ilka & Franz



For this UEFA Champions League 2017, HEINEKEN got out an amazing campaign in Mexico: “The Freelancers”.

It features 4 Mexicans working at the stadium on the semi final in Madrid, Spain.

Publicis Mexico with MEDIA MONKS Direction and Barona Productions local production services teamed up and had a blast

The result is more than awesome and we’re soooooo happy!



The superb movie “Red Dirt Road” about an innovative associative project by Rodney Rascona beat more than 300 films and wins 1 of the 3 Grand Prix at this year’s Deauville Green Awards in Normandy, France.

We are proud to announce it and clap for Rodney: Congratulations!

The movie follows the life of Hab Saly, a young woman who believed there was more to life than working so hard for so little, in the oppressive garment factories in Phnom Penh.

With a backdrop of the 1974 Khmer Rouge atrocities that permanently scared Cambodian life, Saly’s vision is equally full of dreams for her future and the never-to-be forgotten ghosts from the past. Overcoming multiple odds and with minimal education, Saly was determined to learn how to be a seamstress, to chase her dreams and return to a simple, peaceful life in the jungle with her family.

Her world soon changed when life brought first world women to her village who wanted to help developing world women… enjoy a better life.

We lift the veil to the...


We’re are thrilled to present this imagery produced for our client Mullen Lowe Mexico.

Barona Productions welcomed the talented creative team Turner Palma to Mexico City and worked with them to create this incredible photo shooting.

We’ve all made it happen and accomplished this great ad-campaign for Motorola Worldwide.

The Motorola Mods products are unreal!

Take a look to the JBL SoundBoost Speakers, the Moto Insta-Share Projector and the Hasselblad True Zoom.


Simply Be #wearecurves is here again and we’ve made part of it

Directors & photographers Flessy & Glenn (better know as THE amazing and talented Zoe Mcconnell & Steve Neaves) represented and produced by incredible Joon Represents, came to Tulum in South of Mexico and did this gorgeous summer campaign with us.

Sergio Mendez and BP teamed up and we had a blast!!! #comeshootwithus

The results are outstanding… you need to go enjoy all of it HERE.

Follow them on their Instagram or Simply Be Facebook too.


Paris Internationale welcome 55 galleries as well as eight project spaces from 19 countries

Paris Internationale 3rd edition. 11, Rue Béranger, 75003 Paris. 18—22 October 2017. Preview & Opening October 17.

The third edition of Paris Internationale will continue the effort to support a young generation of galleries and their artists. The fair will adhere to the spirit of the first two editions, but will see a complete departure from their aesthetic by exchanging the ornate settings of the hôtels particuliers on Avenue d’Iéna for a converted multi–storey car park in the Haut–Marais that housed the headquarters of Libération, a newspaper co-founded by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973 in the wake of the Paris protest movements of May 1968, for almost thirty years.

In this context, that will resonate with current challenges to journalism and urban development, Paris Internationale will welcome 55 galleries as well as eight project spaces from 19 countries. Responding to the current climate of art fairs in regard to artistic production and reception. Paris Internationale is a joint initiative from five emerging galleries – Crèvecoeur, High Art, Antoine Levi, Sultana and Gregor...

Architecture in Berlin - Persuasive details in the new Luisenpark quarter

Luisenpark Berlin-Mitte is being developed as a completely new residential quarter in the heart of Berlin, between the city’s two most iconic squares, Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz. The Berlin architectural firm Grüntuch Ernst, which has executed well-known projects both in Berlin and internationally, designed the Parkside Houses.

Grüntuch Ernst combine traditional values with futuristic innovations in their designs. They continually explore new possibilities – functionally, technically and artistically – with the result that their buildings always have their own personalities. In the arrangement of their volumes, the Parkside Houses are reminiscent of typical town house architecture. The form of each building is clearly articulated, providing a lively structure and a certain lightness to the entire ensemble.

Convincing down to the last detail. The exterior of the balcony parapets is lined with high-quality metal cladding and topped with glass, giving you a beautiful view of the surroundings while sitting comfortably in your garden chair. The buildings have a strong...

FRITZ TOWER (Berlin, Germany): Interview with the interior designers behind the Micro Living concept

A great deal of comfort does not require a great deal of space. Fritz Tower unites the seeming contrasts of quality and space in highly efficient micro apartments.

The 266 apartments in FRITZ TOWER offer attractive micro living space in three variations: Studios, 1-room apartments, and 2-room apartments. The interiors of these modern homes fulfill the requirements of residents who want maximum comfort, service and freedom – in a minimum of space.

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk are the interior designers behind Fritz Tower.

What are the unique challenges in designing smaller apartments?

Residents should feel truly at home in FRITZ TOWER. At the same time, they also want to be inspired and surprised. So the same design rules apply as in hotels. Micro-apartments are the greatest challenge. We have to achieve the same multifunctio- nality in a smaller space, and yet we do not want to create a purely functional atmos- phere. For this reason, form is particularly important to us as we seek to fulfill resi-dents‘ expectations of a livable and stylish...