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Bridgeman Images presents Da Vinci's drawings from the Royal Library of Turin – including horse studies, the Codex on the Flight of Birds and Leonardo's self-portrait

Awaiting visitors now to discover in the Brideman Archive at the Royal Library of Turin are new da Vinci drawings. And since the death of Leonardo da Vinci is celebrating its 500th anniversary on 2 May, Bridgeman is particularly delighted to present these works by the universal genius – from the Codex on the Flight of Birds to horse studies for the equestrian statue of Francesco Sforza.

The Royal Library of Turin (Biblioteca Reale di Torino) is one of the largest museum complexes in Europe: the Royal Museums. It is part of the Palazzo Reale and was inhabited until 1946 by the Savoy. The library was founded in 1837 when Turin was the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia. It was founded upon the initiative of King Carlo Alberto of Sardinia (1798-1849) to safeguard his private library and the rare manuscripts from the collection from the House of Savoy. By means of further purchases, Alberto increased the collection by 2000 drawings from Old Masters, including thirteen study sheets by Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

The Royal Library of Turin is the first institution to publish new image content as part of a cooperation between MiBAC and Bridgeman Images.

Bridgeman Images Berlin is the world’s leading specialists in the distribution of rights-managed art, cultural and historical images and footage for licensing and reproduction. With nearly 50 years experience in licensing and copyright clearance, we provide images from the most prestigious museums, collections and artists.
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Bridgeman Images now represents the content of the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana collection, the oldest public library in Italy with 6000 images and written works, including Leonardo da Vinci's on mathematics, botany,...

Thanks to an ongoing partnership between Mondadori Portfolio and Ambrosiana, Bridgeman Images now represents the content of the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana collection. The collection contains more than 6000 images and some of the world's most important works of art and literature.

The Biblioteca Ambrosiana is the oldest public library in Italy and has a unique collection of manuscripts from Arab countries, Russia, China, India, Japan, and Italy. These include, above all, the Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci, covering subjects such as mathematics, botany, musical instruments and weaponry.

Located next to the library is the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana art gallery (, which is home to an impressive selection of Italian and European art, such as: For example: the portrait of a musician by Da Vinci, Caravaggio's fruit basket and Raphael's Box for The School of Athens.

Bridgeman Images ( is the exclusive licensing partner of the Ambrosiana collection in the UK, the US and France. The Bridgeman team is delighted to offer this wonderful collection now in Germany.
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Bridgeman Images : Call for submissions to the 'Bridgeman Studio Award 2018' competition on the topic of ART IN MIND – Creating Art for Happiness, Health, and Well-being

We are pleased to announce the Bridgeman Studio Award 2018! Meanwhile in its 5th year, it is one of the fastest growing contests for contemporary artists, illustrators and fine art photographers.

In cooperation with the Affordable Art Fair, this year's prize is the biggest yet: £1,500 (or the equivalent amount in local currency) for designing a bag that will be made available worldwide at the Affordable Art Fair. On top, is exhibition space worth £4,000 at the Affordable Art Fair in New York and London.

The task: This year's theme was chosen by the Affordable Art Fair and is aimed at raising consciousness for mental health. The theme ART IN MIND is about creating more art for happiness, health and well-being.

All details on the contest and the terms and conditions are available on the Bridgeman Studio Award 2018 Website. The deadline for submissions is 15 August, 2018. The sponsors of the Bridgeman Studio Award 2018 are the Artists' Collecting Society, Cass Art, Creative Review, and Bridgeman Studio.

The very first edition of the Affordable Art Fair was launched in London’s Battersea Park in October 1999. We now welcome over 210,000 art enthusiasts each year to our fairs globally, where they can take their pick from a mix of local, domestic and international galleries showcasing a wide array of affordable artwork by established artists and rising stars. We hold fairs in 10 cities around the world including London, New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Brussels, Singapore, Milan, Stockholm, and Bristol. For more information please visit:
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