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Comparing means cash. The TRIVAGO 'Hat' spot with sexy actor Alfredo ZERMINI c/o BRODYBOOKINGS on a hotel bargain hunt

In the latest TRIVAGO TV spot, BRODYBOOKINGS model Alfredo ZERMINI was a well-hatted mini-macho on a vacation bargain hunt. Responsible for his mega cool, summery and type-accentuating hero styling was Diana Dean, and Nina Düffort was responsible for the masculine grooming of the two uber-sex symbols. Production of the spot with the dreamlike guests for any hotel was supervised by e+p films, and it was directed by Djawid Hakimyar. The executive agency was DOJO.
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'Mobilo - and carry on.' The MERCEDES-BENZ 'LumaMania' spot with actor Antonio LALLO c/o BRODYBOOKINGS

Rear-end collision? Vandalism? Flat tire? Actor Antonio LALLO experiences a few funny moments during his hotel stay in the pool, which remind him of a few less happy situations on the road. But, thanks to the super-cool Mobilo Service by MERCEDES-BENZ, he knows how to sweeten up his waiting time until repairs are done. Simon Rost directed the spot, and production was handled by Blubb.Media. Further actors in the MERCEDES-BENZ LumaMania spot were Aris Christopoulos, Franziska H. and Liam & Luke (kids). Location: Platzverweis.
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'Just let yourself fall' - model Julien c/o BRODYBOOKINGS shows you how it's done in a BUDDYSLEEP TV commercial...

In the new BUDDYSLEEP TV spot, BRODYBOOKINGS shows male model Julien how luxurious and comfortable the new mattresses made in Germany are. Direction and photography were taken care of by GoSee member MAGNUS WINTER and Jana Gumprecht. Art buying: Bettina Beissmann, hair & make-up: Sevulo Mendez, and styling: Ethan Benjamin Cowley. The executive agency was Piabo. Production: I Like Productions.
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