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NEWS // 19.11.2018 // 'Exactly My Tent' - the 2018 Wasenwirt campaign with BRODYBOOKINGS Models dining in the traditional festival tent
// For the festival tent of Wasenwirt at this year's Stuttgart Volksfest, which is the city's version of the Oktober Fest, Urban Propaganda teamed up with photographers Frank and Streff to develop and realize an eye-catching campaign. The slogan was 'Exactly My Tent', and the BRODYBOOKINGS models embody the lived diversity of the traditional festival tent. We present BRODYBOOKINGS models Jannina, Elisabeth, Bettina, Nickolas, Jacques and…
NEWS // 14.11.2018 // 'Fun for big and small' - the EUROPAPARK campaign with the BRODYBOOKING Family
// BRODYBOOKINGS models Désirée, Luana, Günter and Eren had tons of fun during the shoot in EUROPAPARK where they got to drive all sorts of attractions all day, fly over Europe, take a trip back to the Stone Age and the dinosaurs or chill while barbecuing around a campfire.
NEWS // 14.11.2018 // 'Online better than ever' - BOSCH ESI(tronic) campaign with BRODYBOOKINGS Models Alexander, Anis & Manuel
// Alexander, Anis Zitouni and Manuel from BRODYBOOKINGS were shot for the BOSCH billboards of the new ESI (tronic) program.
NEWS // 28.08.2018 // 'Grandeur in Photos' - the new FotoPremio spot with little Lisa c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the main role
// The smallest at large. Sweet little Lisa c/o BRODYBOOKINGS demonstrates in the new FotoPremio spot just how beautiful analogue memories can be in a digital world. Production: Rothstreifen Film & Medien Production with TV Producer: David Rothe.
NEWS // 01.12.2018 // Jamila & Kim, both c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, for WHAMISA natural cosmetics from Korea
// Young and fresh is the look & feel of Korean natural cosmetics brand WHAMISA. And BRODYBOOKINGS new faces Jamila and Kim could not be a better fit. Photos were shot by Lulu Frances Photography. The South Korean trend brand WHAMISA is setting completely new standards when it comes to face and body care products with its certified natural cosmetics range. The basis of the innovative anhydrous formulas are precious botanical oils and highly efficient extracts from flowers, fruits and seeds…
NEWS // 03.12.2018 // 'Ready. Sit. Go!' - the spot for INTERSTUHL with a sprinter, tennis player and career girl by BRODYBOOKINGS
// Office space is increasingly becoming a multi-functional place. The new PUREIS3 office chair by INTERSTUHL is as flexible as our everyday work. Its lightness paired with innovative materials is underscored by the sports models in the clip. Booked from BRODYBOOKINGS were Eric as the sprinter, Nicolette as the tennis player and Svenja as the business woman. The message: PUREIS3 is the right partner for every situation. Produced by Peach & Cherry Film.…
NEWS // 30.01.2019 // 'What truly moves you?' BANG & OLUFSEN asks in the new 'Let the sound move you' spot - featuring Björn c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// In a new spot for sound system manufacturer BANG & OLUFSEN, commercial model Björn c/o BRODYBOOKINGS whisks us away on a fantastic voyage full of summer freedom, the heart-aches and -breaks of the past or even the tender moments of our first love. And thanks to Bang & Olufsen: The soundtrack of our lives is just a click away. All in all, an emotional spot by Stillrolling Productions with Janis Willbold as Director of Photography. Go & See: …
NEWS // 26.02.2019 // Ads for traditional juweler Kutter with Eva & Ricardo c/o Brodybookings
// Eva and Ricardo stood in front of the camera for the richly traditional JUWELRY COMPANY KUTTER. Since 1825, Kutter has been the go-to address in Stuttgart for jewelry and was thus photographed in well-known locations such as Schlossplatz.
NEWS // 07.04.2019 // #GOBACKPACK CAMP - with outdoor expert JACK WOLFSKIN to Backpacker's Camp in Sweden, also part of the campaign: male model Nico c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// In Summer last year, BRODYBOOKINGS model Nico spent a week in beautiful Sweden where photos were shot and a film was made for the 'GoBackpack Camp' by fashion client JACK WOLFSKIN. Backpackers from all over the world meet up to camp for three beautiful days on the private island of Bergholmarna. Awaiting participants are outdoor activities, workshops and live music acts. On JACK WOLFSKIN, you can apply for one of the coveted spots in #GOBACKPACK CAMP. We'll keep our fingers crossed. About - …
NEWS // 17.05.2019 // "Chabos* know who has a ticket " - the VVS campaign makes it easy with character faces from BRODYBOOKINGS, Stuttgart
// #einfachmachen – The new VVS campaign now appearing on all city lights in and around Stuttgart. On the job were BRODYBOOKING'S character faces Dany, Miguel and Kaan. GoSee : *The word Chabo literally translates to boy or a pawn on the chess table of the world. “Only men are addressed with Chabo. The word is used accordingly in German for friends and acquaintances. The term became known through the Haftbefehl song “Chabos wissen der Babo ist.” (or : bro…
NEWS // 18.05.2019 // 'Bullshit' - actor Wilhelm SCHNECK c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the image film 'Prevention in the best hands' for GJ Security & Gebäudedienstleistungen GmbH
// GJ Security & Gebäudedienstleistungen GmbH & Co. KG, represented by the sole shareholder Michael Jokesch, is based on two pillars: security services and custodial services. Michael Jokesch is an expert on security and therefore the perfect partner for his clients when it comes to the transport of money and valuables, property monitoring, construction site monitoring as well as factory and anti-theft protection. In front of the camera for the spot "Prevention in the Best of Hand…
NEWS // 19.05.2019 // 'ASOYU - unfold your most beautiful self' - model Franziska c/o BROSYBOOKINGS photographs for the website of WPSteinheisser Photography
// In the holistic product concept ASOYU lived and breathed by hejcare & naturals GmbH, centuries-old beauty secrets of Asia form a symbiosis with modern science. The result is the unique combination of Asian plant extracts, such as the Goji berry and innovative active ingredients of modern cosmetics such as hyaluronic acid. Booked for the new website was Franziska c/o BRODYBOOKINGS. GoSee :…
NEWS // 02.08.2018 // HORNBACH Summer catalog and #Zeigshornbach campaign with BRODYBOOKINGS all-stars Vincent & Florian
// The two commercial BRODYBOOKINGS all-stars Florian and Vincent were photographed for the HORNBACH Summer catalog and the #Zeigshornbach campaign by Alexander Stiebritz.
NEWS // 04.08.2018 // 'Feel the Flow' - BOSCH E-Bike campaign with ski racer Felix Neureuther and models from BRODYBOOKINGS for fischerAppelt, play GmbH
// Feel the flow – new awareness of life was also the vibe of BRODYBOOKINGS models ISABELA, JAN, MATTEO and STEPHAN at the film shoot with ski racer Felix Neureuther and the new E-Bikes from BOSCH. The film was shot by Gerd Schneider in Munich and produced by fischerAppelt, play GmbH. Art direction was taken care of by Maximilian Rieck, with photos by Ralph Klos and Andreas Körner (hair & make-up: Anna Ploch and Tina Maucher, styling: Fidan Baran).
NEWS // 27.08.2018 // 'The Price Droppers' - the 1-min. EDEKA spot with BRODYBOOKING models Andrea, Christine Kiefl & Mello
// When temperatures rise, EDEKA prices fall... but that's only logical. In the spot of mention, BRODYBOOKING models Andrea, Christine KIEFL and Mello got to break into an EDEKA supermarket at night and drop prices to their hearts desire. The director was Jan Reiff.…
NEWS // 10.09.2018 // Jens Görlich photographs the AUER Packaging campaign with model Christian c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// At a very idyllic location in southern Bavaria, a photo shoot took place for AUER Packaging – in front of the camera stood Christian c/o BRODYBOOKINGS. Behind the camera: Frankfurt's own Jens Görlich. AUER Packaging is one of the leading German manufacturers of transport and storage products made of plastic.…