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NEWS // 14.11.2018 // Susan Buth photographs an editorial spread with model Marion PASCALE c/o BRODYBOOKINGS; we have six motifs for you on GoSee
// "Our best-working, commercial model at the moment, Marion PASCALE c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, is not only constantly on the road for shoots in Alicante, Hamburg or Helsinki but also finds plenty of time to shoot such great portfolio photos." BRODY excitedly tells GoSee. And continues: "You'll be seeing a lot of her in the near future; the next job news are already geared and ready." The photo was shot by Susan Buth.…
NEWS // 01.12.2018 // Seasons may change... online editorial in SCHÖN! magazine featuring Marion PASCALE c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, photos: Sven Barucha
// For the online editorial of SCHÖN! Magazine, Sven Barucha BRODY photographed model Marion Pascale in all her natural splendor – freckles included. Claudine Németh was responsible for the fresh and glowy look.
NEWS // 01.12.2018 // BRODYBOOKINGS model Natascha in a Frida editorial - photographed for LATEST magazine by Sarah Dulay
// For the October issue of LATEST magazine, BRODY model Natascha stood in front of the camera of Sarah Dulay. The beauty editorial is inspired by artist Frida Kahlo. "Natascha is the perfect fit thanks to her distinctive eyebrows and Mediterranean look." BRODY tells GoSee.
NEWS // 29.01.2019 // Marion and Jonas, both c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the 'Patient' spread for LUCY´S mag
// Marion PASCALE and Jonas KOWALSKI, both c/o BRODYBOOKINGS,  were photographed with eyewear from Chloe, Gucci, Cutler, and Gross for the spread entitled 'Patient', appearing in LUCY'S magazine. The motifs were photographed by Leo Rohrsetzer.
NEWS // 29.01.2019 // 'A still heat' featuring Kim ROSENDAHL c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in LATEST magazine
// Newcomer Kim ROSENDAHL c/o BRODYBOOKINGS is now appearing in a beauty editorial for LATEST magazine. Sweet model Kim was photographed by Patrick Glockner. We have three photos for you on GoSee.
NEWS // 30.01.2019 // Mens beauty in HUF magazine featuring Jonas c/o BRODYBOOKINS
// Represented in the cool men's beauty spread for the 77th issue of HUF magazine were photographer Sven Barucha and BRODYBOOKINGS model Jonas.
NEWS // 26.02.2019 // 'Smart electronics as a second skin' with male model Hannes c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// In Kalaidoskop magazine from the Würth Group, Hannes stood in front of the camera for the article on Smart Electronics – with jackets that glow in the dark, gloves that sense heat, belts that navigate: Würth's flexible circuit boards not only make intelligent textiles suitable for everyday use, but also for medical applications.
NEWS // 08.04.2019 // New Face Hannah-Marie c/o BRODYBOOKINGS on the cover and in the beauty editorial of SPINNING SHADES magazine
// For SPINNING SHADES magazine, the Stuttgart photographer Julia Blank shot a beauty editorial and the cover. In front of her camera was New Face Hannah-Marie c/o BRODYBOOKINGS.
NEWS // 08.04.2019 // 'Line Art' in VULKAN magazine featuring BRODYBOOKINGS New Face Maximilian, photos by Marina Schneider-Moog
// In the 'Line Art' spread, painted lines are perfectly blended into the groomed beauty/fashion photo. The editorial was shot by photographer Marina Schneider-Moog with BRODYBOOKINGS New Face Maximilian. Smart model Maximilian and his unusual and fine-androgynous facial features not only convinced the photographer. Styling: Isabelle Perch.
NEWS // 02.08.2018 // 'Mixing Up' – COCOON magazine cover spread with LIDA FREUDENREICH c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// Lida FREUDENREICH c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, 18 years of age, delivers an inspiring appearance with her fresh, androgynous look on the cover as well as in the nine-page editorial entitled 'Mixing Up', which was photographed by fashion & beauty photographer Thomas von Aagh in his own studio in Munich. Styling: Brigitte Margareta Wilhelm, hair & make-up: Arno Humer, retouching: Nena Vötter. Lida FREUDENREICH is now on stay in Tokyo for the next two months.…
NEWS // 27.08.2018 // 'A Dreamlike Wander' - fashion editorial for PEDRO SHOES with male model Hannes E. c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// 'Journey of exploration with the adventurous traveler...'  Hannes E. c/o BRODYBOOKINGS is the new face of the PEDRO SHOES Fall 2018 editorial. 'A Dreamlike Wander' was photographed by Onin Lorente. Grooming: Katja Luz, styling: Stephan Kallaus. About - PEDRO, the embodiment of sophistication and style is exuded in the line of footwear and accessories. You can find PEDRO in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippi…