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NEWS // 01.12.2018 // 'We are Hugo Boss' - teamwear fashion presented by BRODYBOOKINGS models, photos & spot by Bernhard Frei
// BRODYBOOKINGS models work regularly for local hero and global player HUGO BOSS. From the last teamwear shoot, they can now finally present several great results on GoSee – classic, high-quality and high-class. They were photographed and filmed by GoSee member BERNHARD FREI, Styling: Jeanna Krichel, hair: Sebastian Salas Rodriguez and make-up: Viktoria Hof.
NEWS // 03.12.2018 // Timeless jewelry by GOLDMARLEN on Esther & Lea c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// GOLDMARLEN, that is jewelry and objects by Marlen Albrecht. Esther & Lea, both c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, stood in front of the camera for an editorial of wonderful label GOLDMARLEN. The autumn spread was photographed by Julia Sang Nguyen in a mansion like from a different, very distant time.
NEWS // 26.02.2019 // A dream fashion shoot for Elfenkleid with Anabel & Zelal c/o BRODYBOOKINGS
// Anabel and Zelal got to feel like in a fairy tale for a day: clad in the enchanting bridal and evening dresses of the Elfenkleid brand.
NEWS // 16.05.2019 // The new faces Clarice, Esther and Nick c/o BRODYBOOKINGS present the new collection of knitwear designer ELISA PAULINA HERRMANN, FASHION – KNITWEAR – SCULPTURES
// "Paulina considers all of her designs unisex because it does not matter whether clothes are made for men or women. They don‘t need a gender specification. The only important thing is that you feel good and confident wearing them." For her new collection, knitwear designer Elisa Paulina Herrmann booked three BRODYBOOKINGS new faces Clarice, Esther and Nick. Photos: Julia Haack. GoSee :…
NEWS // 04.08.2018 // Model Sarah c/o BRODYBOOKINGS clad in Italian silk from luxury label Comosilk at Lake Comer and in Villa Sola Cabiati
// At Lake Comer, Sarah c/o BRODYBOOKINGS stood in front of a picturesque backdrop for luxury Italian label Comosilk. A further location was the romantic 16th century Villa Sola Cabiati where even Napoleon and his wife spent a night or two. She was photographed by Henrik Blomqvist, responsible for hair & make-up was Jennifer Bradburn, and styling was in the hands of Rachel Lawrence.