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news | Lea Brousse & Raban Ruddigkeit - the design & illustration experts are supporting the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS and present their exhibition 'Graphic Comments' in parallel to UPDATE17 in Berlin

Designer, publisher of illustration bible FREISTIL and GoSee friend for many years, Raban Ruddigkeit, operates his studio together with French designer Lea Brousse under the name of Brousse & Ruddigkeit. Last year, their weekly visual column in Der Tagesspiegel won the Illustration of the Year award from the Lead Academy, and the calendars Typodarium and Poladarium are published by Raban and Lars Harmsen. In 2017, the first Berlin Design Digest was published by Raban together with Robert Eysoldt from Slanted Publishers. Raban is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS this year as a jury member. Through the end of August, photographers, stylists and illustrators can submit their works free of charge. Winners will be announced at UPDATE17on 6 October in Berlin and here on GoSee.

That same evening, the exhibition 'Graphic Comments' opens its doors in the heart of Berlin, presenting a selection of the GRAPHIC COMMENTS on 350 square meters published every Sunday since 2015 in the CAUSA section...

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