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Sharp junior model Nikolas c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN in the ING DiBa spot on a pilgrimage to Dirk Nowitzki

Open, humorous and full of energy” – that was already the feedback after the first casting of Nikolas c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN, the casting pros from Düsseldorf. His reddish-blonde hair in combination with his blue-green eyes make him simply unmistakable. And now, the twelve-year-old has succeeded in his greatest coup. In the new spot by ING DiBa, he plays the role of a charming basketball fan, who wishes nothing more than to see his idol Dirk Nowitzki one time in Dallas, and is a true joy to watch. “We were absolutely sure that Nikolas would be loved by viewers.” BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN tells GoSee and continues excitedly: “Funny, cute, sporty is Nikolas' in the spot with convincing photos and great storytelling. Oh, how wonderful advertising can be!” Go & See!
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Winter is coming! Liza c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN is the MON CHERIE F/W 2016 Face, and we have the spot for you on GoSee

A cherry grove in Brandenburg's Altlandsberg, not a cloud in the sky and as much chocolate as the heart desires? Sounds a lot like a childhood dream... For Liza c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN, it all came true during the shoot for Germany's favorite praline! “A great team and wonderful weather,” is how she sums it up too. Cherries and liqueur? Of course, everyone knows and thinks of Mon Cherie and the crack of the first bite followed by the taste of grandmothers favorite sweet spirit. The traditional summer break of the red delicacy is finally over and all sweet tooths can look forward to the tipsy fruit – and to Liza from brüderchen & schwesterchen as the fabulous face of season 2016!
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The new faces for E-DARLING and ELITE SINGLES come from the agency BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN; we have four spots for you on GoSee

BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN now also help people find the perfect partner. Or at least the give the online dating platforms from E-DARLING and ELITE SINGLES a friendly face. With Wanda, Eric, Romy and Liza, they have found four congenial protagonists. “It almost makes us forget our own relationships and try it out ourselves.” BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN tell GoSee, tongue firmly in cheek.

And when you get Wanda and Eric together as a couple, the program is ecstasy and bliss. That the two were wearing wool socks on the humid & hot sofa which made the shoot with the couple a painstaking challenge – is, of course, something these two pros would never show.
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