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Adventure, life, people & sports - CAESAR+CLEO, the visual corporate identity production house, is delighted to welcome NEW entry lifestyle director & photographer STEVE; we have a first portfolio for you on GoSee

CAESAR+CLEO is delighted to welcome NEW entry STEVE, photographer – and one of a kind. Read for yourself what Mattes Czech, Creative Director from David&Goliath, has to say about him: "More than 6-feet tall, this man and his facial hairstyle are more reminiscent of a lumberjack from the Scandinavian hinterland. He's in his mid 30s and reliable no matter your (ad)venture; a guy who tackles the task and knows how to use his Canons – damn good.

Particularly admirable are his good sense of humor, his moody manner, stamina, and that soft heart. The sheep in wolf's red clothing certainly has a good liver, skillfully keeps his bad days to himself and always delivers – first class. Mom would say: “He's a people person”, and I'd say: “A great guy, highly recommended, a natural... your favorite photographer.” Go & See his portfolio on GoSee!
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CAESAR+CLEO : now represents emerging Hamburg-based photographer LISA WINTER (Beauty, Fashion & Portrait)

CAESAR+CLEO are delighted to welcome LISA WINTER on their team: "We are very happy to welcome talented beauty, fashion & portrait photographer, Lisa Winter – who studied photography at Lette Verein in Berlin and just moved back to her hometown Hamburg. We love her unique, pure and modern look."

Lisa was already among the winners at the 2015 Weitsprung Art Buying Event in Hamburg, she received the 2015 Lette Design Award by Schindler that same year and participated in the group exhibition Close Up! which was curated by Ann-Christin Bertrand in the C/O Gallery, Berlin.

Here on GoSee, we present you her portfolio, and more is available directly via CAESAR+CLEO. CAESAR+CLEO - Visual Corporate Identity - is a production agency with own studios for photography, film, CGI, motion design and post production in Dusseldorf.
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