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'SYNSAM - Design by Bernadotte & Kylberg' the 20-sec. spot for the Swedish design cooperation by director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK

Founded in 1968 as a merger of leading independent opticians, SYNSAM consists in 2018 of more than 185 stores in Sweden and around 500 in the Nordic region. The oldest shops can look back on more than a hundred years of experience in the field of looking - and looks for that matter. The latest spot for the SYMSAN coop with Bernadotte & Kylberg, the Swedish design duo founded in 2012 consisting of Oscar Kylberg and Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte, is the work of director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK.

About - SYNSAM COOP - ACETATE, NYLON AND TITANIUM. In 2018, Bernadotte & Kylberg aka  Oscar Kylberg and Carl Philip Bernadotte designed a collection of 9 unisex glass eyewear models for the leading optic retailer in the Nordics, Synsam. Looking at how we live our lives and how we use glasses, the design duo worked with new, sustainable materials in a mixed combination to create a collection where form and function interact. The collection is distinguished by smart forms and functions such as an innovative removable sun lens that in an easy way simplifies the user’s everyday life. The textures and colors are inspired by the Scandinavian nature such as the mountains, seas, forests, and the unique light.
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Mango Skin, the newest fragrance of the trending New York niche perfume maker VILHELM PARFUMERIE - with artwork by Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK

Dear Polly, Morning Chess... and now Mango Skin. Just as unusual as the names of the perfumes from VILHELM PARFUMERIE is the story of the origin of the perfume company founded by Jan Ahlgren. Born in Sweden by an American mother, he worked in Paris in the area of fashion before moving to New York where he designed handbags where he met his wife and the perfumer Jerome Epinette... to things that would change his world for ever. Thanks for the refreshing 6-second spot about the the new fragrance MANGO SKIN goes to Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK. The limited fragrance is flowery and fruity and for women and men.

Jan Ahlgren on his fragrances : "Each Vilhelm scent has an elaborate founding story. From a memory of childhood summers in a seaside cabin to a conception of early 1900s Paris – its colors, energy, and rhythm embodied in scent – each fragrance is the culmination of a broad, creative and collaborative process. We consult our memories from youth and from travel. We allow ourselves to be taken by a distant time or place. From the idea to its realization, our scents are a personal effort, and we are so happy to bring them to you." Namesake of the perfume company was Jan's grandfather: a fragrant bow to the past so to speak.

. Jan Ahlgren, founder, was born in Sweden to an American mother and a Swedish father. Over a decade ago, he left his small hometown to move to Paris and began a nomadic period, traveling throughout Europe and working in the fashion industry. Three years ago, Jan relocated to New York, where he fell in love with the city and a girl, now his wife and Vilhelm partner. While designing handbags in New York, Jan sought out the immense talents of Jerome Epinette, a master perfumer. Jan was inspired by the old practice of glove makers of imbuing leather with scent, and enlisted Jerome to craft such a scent. After this propitious first collaboration, Jan couldn’t think of anything else. He was captivated by the power of scent to elicit, capture and convey emotion. Marrying his love of design with his ever-growing passion for scent, Vilhelm Parfumerie was
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