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THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION / CAROLINESEIDLER.COM asks you : Where the journey is headed … and until we get going again... is here to gladly support your ‘Let’s Go Projects!’

Soon we will all be on the move again, running around, flying all over, driving off, breaking free, and letting go! With preparatory, co-creative, advisory and visual support provided by THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION @ For tourism, the restaurant and hospitality industry, sports & entertainment, and all informative initiatives – with almost 20 years of experience in character & mascot design, maps, portraits, thematic illustration, informational illustration... just to name a few.

Caroline Seidler, CEO of THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION, tells GoSee: “Whether 2D, 3D, everything as a GIF or even moving images – we are here to support your Let’s Go Projects!”
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It’s not only about the birds... Raised in an industrial painting environment, trained in art and communication with a career path in advertising agencies and publishing houses, Caroline Seidler has remained true to paint and brush. The classic advertising agency with core competence in niche consultancy which provides services for conception, graphics and text for advertising media of all kinds, print and digital, has positioned the handicraft of illustration sustainably in the German-speaking economic and cultural region since 2010 – and is now launching a new logo.
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The Message of Illustration/ presents packaging illustrations for WELTZUCKER from WIENER ZUCKER, artwork for KAPSREITER BEER, a WELT DER FRAU column, DM Austria...

THE MESSAGE of ILLUSTRATION/ presents here on GoSee : “TIBO EXENBERGER, emerging talent in group with the launch of KAPSREITER BEER out of home and storytelling for digital group. KAPSREITER Beer, the world-famous brew from Upper Austria has found a new Master Brewer, and is now visible again, and most importantly, much to our delight – available again. Plus, since 2017, TIBO EXENBERGER has developed an artwork look for a column in WELT DER FRAU and was given the opportunity to create wall murals and fantasy worlds for a CD booklet. He is a multifaceted illustrator, who has grown on us particularly with his artwork techniques.

PETER JANI, the well-known talent from the older generation is responsible for packaging illustration for WELTZUCKER from WIENER ZUCKER with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann. JOSEPHINE WARFELMANN kicks off Christmas and New Year’s with illustrations and an invitation, designed by brainds Design and Marken, to HOTEL SACHER VIENNA and HOTEL SACHER Salzburg.

Their charming compositions in and outside the fantastic snow globe attract the attention of an entirely new clientele at the two traditional locations – with an elegant wink and a fresh look. DM Austria/reTALE decided on a Christmas campaign as an animation in print and digital and at the POS for paperwork by THOMAS MADREITER. An exemplary good and very visible illustration concept that we can be proud of.

ANDREA KRIZMANICH explains Christmas in a barn with little coloring book for children and the umbrella brand HEUMILCH / Collective Marketing, and finally, we from Message of ILLUSTRATION/ wish a relaxed and joyous Christmas Season with a key visual by ARTUR BODENSTEIN!”
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