News // 87 News by : New talents MERLE SCHEWE (illustration & paper work) and RAFFAELA SCHÖBITZ (watercolor, Indian ink), plus more animations for culture and social media, customer magazines and business reports presents its latest news here on GoSee: "MERLE SCHEWE just recently placed her bird on our platform. The flight there was successful, and they have already begun to swarm. The illustrator's portfolio, who is also fit when it comes to paper art, is marked by ab impressive signature style. She offers expressive illustrations in which she disentangles, cleans up and overlays. Parallel worlds become visible, and the invisible is given space when beheld. She touches on topics and content with idiosyncratic coloration and can also strictly adhere to the brief and CI. Her clients are both from the areas of editorial and advertising. Merle Schewe lives and works in Berlin.

Coming to us from Vienna is RAFFAELA SCHÖBITZ. Her illustrations are mostly made with Indian ink, watercolor and pencil – all handmade with digital finesse. Her education and experience offer many new possibilities in the areas of theme illustration and packaging.

The website is now under construction. The main gallery for each talent provides an overview of the work, and the search can be filtered by 10 topics. Particularly our range of animation for culture and social media has grown.

MASHA MANAPOV gets you in the mood for a picnic in the customer magazine Griffig&Glatt of the Viennese bakery Ströck. In cooperation with the team Butter aufs Brot, BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA shows portraits interwoven with places and times in the Wienerberger Annual Report with brands, but also in animations which can be seen on The illustrations by CLARA BERLINSKI, now on the air with the campaign for bob Telefonie (Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann), at Technisches Museum Wien and in WALD Magazine, are bold and cheeky.
25.04.2019 // show complete article presents illustrated animations for the permanent exhibition 'IN MOTION' at the Technical Museum Vienna, art on the wall for Artothek Krems, Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, and his how-to film for STYRIA AG

For publishing house STYRIA AG, Artur Bodenstein illustrated a 12x4 m chalk board as the basis for a film with Tobias Moretti on the topic of digital/analog, and SARAH EGBERT EIERSHOLT illustrated and animated the film for the permanent exhibition 'IN MOTION' on the topic of motion for children and youths at the Technical Museum Vienna.

KATJA SEIFERT explains visually how to borrow art for the wall at home in the Artothek Krems, and STEFANIE HILGARTH illustrated for Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, accompanied by Christoph Waltz, and is responsible for the illustrative appearance of the anniversary video for the supermarket chain MPreis, both films and even more in cooperation with Wolfgang Haas/CastYourArt are available on
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Illustration & transportation special by shows that with handmade tools, illustration can make a valuable contribution to eco-friendly traffic development

Illustration and transport are closely connected in stark contrast to photography. This is seen in ICONS for ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS with a moralizing undertone and SAFETY IN TRAFFIC; it's in futuristic city plans without traffic, in INFO ILLUSTRATIONS on ENERGY SAVING TOPICS, the INSTRUCTIONS for tire changes and car care, the historic nature experiences next to the train tracks and in the invitations to TIMETABLES, or in TRAIL MAPS and EXPERIENCE ROUTES.

The clients expect independent imagery to discuss topics which consumers, on the one hand, tend to overlook, and on the other, search for. The ELECTRIC CAR, TRAIN TRAFFIC, BICYCLES in the city, cell phones at the wheel, the ECO FILLING STATION, AIR and NOISE POLLUTION. The agency presents several works here on GoSee.

For example, CLAUDIA MEITERT illustrated for Verbund AG, EVA VASARI for SuzukisWay of Life Magazine on commission for Rahofer advertising agency, and GINA MÜLLER for Falstaff.

JOSEPHINE WARFELMANN illustrated for Wien Mobil / AWG Publishing, for Impact Publishing and for the Vienna Technical Museum, JUDITH LAMBERGER for ÖBB / DraftFCB, NICOLÁS AZNÁREZ for Suzuki Way of Life magazine / Rahofer advertising agency, and for daily newspaper, El País.

From STEFANIE HILGARTH, ARTUR BODENSTEIN, ANA POPESCU, we present cards which were created for a wide variety of customers.
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