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Illustration & transportation special by shows that with handmade tools, illustration can make a valuable contribution to eco-friendly traffic development

Illustration and transport are closely connected in stark contrast to photography. This is seen in ICONS for ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS with a moralizing undertone and SAFETY IN TRAFFIC; it's in futuristic city plans without traffic, in INFO ILLUSTRATIONS on ENERGY SAVING TOPICS, the INSTRUCTIONS for tire changes and car care, the historic nature experiences next to the train tracks and in the invitations to TIMETABLES, or in TRAIL MAPS and EXPERIENCE ROUTES.

The clients expect independent imagery to discuss topics which consumers, on the one hand, tend to overlook, and on the other, search for. The ELECTRIC CAR, TRAIN TRAFFIC, BICYCLES in the city, cell phones at the wheel, the ECO FILLING STATION, AIR and NOISE POLLUTION. The agency presents several works here on GoSee.

For example, CLAUDIA MEITERT illustrated for Verbund AG, EVA VASARI for SuzukisWay of Life Magazine on commission for Rahofer advertising agency, and GINA MÜLLER for Falstaff.

JOSEPHINE WARFELMANN illustrated for Wien Mobil / AWG Publishing, for Impact Publishing and for the Vienna Technical Museum, JUDITH LAMBERGER for ÖBB / DraftFCB, NICOLÁS AZNÁREZ for Suzuki Way of Life magazine / Rahofer advertising agency, and for daily newspaper, El País.

From STEFANIE HILGARTH, ARTUR BODENSTEIN, ANA POPESCU, we present cards which were created for a wide variety of customers.
11.02.2019 // show complete article : Illustrations for Weltwoche, Red Bulletin, Welt der Frau and the Suzuki customer magazine as well as the illustrative design of two permanent exhibitions in Vienna and illustrations for Haus der Geschichte Austria

tion with Weltwoche, TIBO EXENBERGER on the periodical men's column in Welt der Frau, and CLAUDIA MEITERT on her collaboration with Red Bulletin.

For illustrators STEFANIE HILGARTH, GINA MÜLLER and ARTUR BODENSTEIN, this is the holiday season of museum openings. STEFANIE HILGARTH and GINA MÜLLER are responsible for the illustrative design of two permanent exhibitions at the Technical Museum Vienna (TMW) themed upon the 'Future of Work, Development of Work". Plus, ARTUR BODENSTEIN and his illustrations shape the appearance of Haus der Geschichte Austria, Mitmachen mag in collaboration with zunderzwo and an animated film on the development of democracy and the right to vote in Austria from 1848 to 1918.

In the Suzuki/rahofer Way of Life customer magazine, CLARA BERLINSKI documented driving habits and tips for a winter check. "We had a wide range of topics, a variety of illustration styles and techniques, plus the great pleasure of working with our clients," says
27.11.2018 // show complete article : Invitation to a nut schnapps & cookies tasting session at UPDATE in Berlin on 19 October, 2018

'Be My Illustration' – illustrator BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA realizes this statement with the key visual for and CLARA BERLINSKT, who supports us with her illustration of the invitation to the nut schnapps and cookies tasting at UPDATE in Berlin on 19 October, 2018. The Vienna-based agency invites guests to a drink at their booth during the salon for photography, illustration and film.

KATHRIN FRANK is new on the team and will also be introduced at UPDATE!8BERLIN, along with the latest portfolios of ANA POPESCU, THOMAS MADREITER and MARIA RUBAN, who is behind the Frieda Kahlo motif for the bags and exhibition in Budapest. Also on display are animations by STEFANIE HILGARTH, KATJA SEIFERT and ARTUR BODENSTEIN.

"We look forward to seeing you all in Berlin!"
09.10.2018 // show complete article