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CAROLINESEIDLER.COM : looks forward to vacationing at home – but where is this home? Plus: FWF Science Fund Annual Report, RED BULLETIN, MAGAZINE/DIE ZEIT, ... and OF ILLUSTRATION is celebrating a big 15th Anniversary

Our vacation destinations are something we really need to think about this year, good thing we have illustrative support from MERLE SCHEWE, HANNAH BRÜCKNER, JOSEFINE WARFELMANN, GINA MÜLLER, EVA VASARI, KATJANA LACATENA, IRENE SACKMANN, THOMAS MADREITER, KATHRIN FRANK, ANDREA KRIZMANICH, and SARAH EGBERT EIERSHOLT – with something in there for everyone!

Together with & buero bauer, illustrator Artur BODENSTEIN c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM developed various icons for Niederösterreichische Bergbahnen AG/Lower Austrian Advertising which will accompany us on our outings in the great outdoors for a some time to come and at least well into the fall season.

Blagovesta BAKARDJEVA illustrates with water colors for VENUSS Bistro & Take Away and for FWF Science Fund the 2019 Annual Report on commission for ALBA Communications. Caroline Seidler: “This balancing act topic- and technique-wise demonstrates the multifaceted professional skills of this illustrator.”

Claudia MEITERT presents works for RED BULLETIN in the specially developed mixing technique of collage with illustrations and water colors, in parallel to which she introduces a NEW LOOK in her portfolio.

Irene SACKMANN portrays an extensive range of topics for MAGAZINE / DIE ZEIT, and Claudia MEITERT deals with our sleep for GEO WISSEN.

And don’t forget: OF ILLUSTRATION is subtly celebrating a 15 Year Anniversary with a monographic exhibition of works from the past years on GoSee. We congratulate !
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THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION / CAROLINESEIDLER.COM asks you : Where the journey is headed … and until we get going again... is here to gladly support your ‘Let’s Go Projects!’

Soon we will all be on the move again, running around, flying all over, driving off, breaking free, and letting go! With preparatory, co-creative, advisory and visual support provided by THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION @ For tourism, the restaurant and hospitality industry, sports & entertainment, and all informative initiatives – with almost 20 years of experience in character & mascot design, maps, portraits, thematic illustration, informational illustration... just to name a few.

Caroline Seidler, CEO of THE EMBASSY OF ILLUSTRATION, tells GoSee: “Whether 2D, 3D, everything as a GIF or even moving images – we are here to support your Let’s Go Projects!”
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It’s not only about the birds... Raised in an industrial painting environment, trained in art and communication with a career path in advertising agencies and publishing houses, Caroline Seidler has remained true to paint and brush. The classic advertising agency with core competence in niche consultancy which provides services for conception, graphics and text for advertising media of all kinds, print and digital, has positioned the handicraft of illustration sustainably in the German-speaking economic and cultural region since 2010 – and is now launching a new logo.
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