News // 131 News by : Illustrations for Weltwoche, Red Bulletin, Welt der Frau and the Suzuki customer magazine as well as the illustrative design of two permanent exhibitions in Vienna and illustrations for Haus der Geschichte Austria

tion with Weltwoche, TIBO EXENBERGER on the periodical men's column in Welt der Frau, and CLAUDIA MEITERT on her collaboration with Red Bulletin.

For illustrators STEFANIE HILGARTH, GINA MÜLLER and ARTUR BODENSTEIN, this is the holiday season of museum openings. STEFANIE HILGARTH and GINA MÜLLER are responsible for the illustrative design of two permanent exhibitions at the Technical Museum Vienna (TMW) themed upon the 'Future of Work, Development of Work". Plus, ARTUR BODENSTEIN and his illustrations shape the appearance of Haus der Geschichte Austria, Mitmachen mag in collaboration with zunderzwo and an animated film on the development of democracy and the right to vote in Austria from 1848 to 1918.

In the Suzuki/rahofer Way of Life customer magazine, CLARA BERLINSKI documented driving habits and tips for a winter check. "We had a wide range of topics, a variety of illustration styles and techniques, plus the great pleasure of working with our clients," says
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'Be My Illustration' – illustrator BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA realizes this statement with the key visual for and CLARA BERLINSKT, who supports us with her illustration of the invitation to the nut schnapps and cookies tasting at UPDATE in Berlin on 19 October, 2018. The Vienna-based agency invites guests to a drink at their booth during the salon for photography, illustration and film.

KATHRIN FRANK is new on the team and will also be introduced at UPDATE!8BERLIN, along with the latest portfolios of ANA POPESCU, THOMAS MADREITER and MARIA RUBAN, who is behind the Frieda Kahlo motif for the bags and exhibition in Budapest. Also on display are animations by STEFANIE HILGARTH, KATJA SEIFERT and ARTUR BODENSTEIN.

"We look forward to seeing you all in Berlin!"
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Illustrator ANA POPESCU has an ongoing solo exhibition in Ljubljana with works on the topic of space and how we perceive it. Her works are based on the heritage of Bauhaus as a nostalgic memory of her home country Romania, which was influenced by the German architectural style as well as modernist architecture. congratulates and presents several of her commercial works for Zeit Magazine, Guided Vienna, and AD Design Spain.

ANDRE SACHEZ collaged highly valuable jewels. BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIVA was responsible for the illustrative appearances DESIGN DISTRICT/Hofburg Vienna 2018. Over the course of three days in October, HOFBURG Vienna will become a showroom for top brands in the areas of design, interior design, lifestyle, technology, and art.

MARIA RUBAN portrayed for Ukrainian Airlines; CLAUDIA MEITERT was as flexible as always for STYLE IN PROGRESS; THOMAS MADREITER asked for Vienna's traditional 'Mistfest' on commission for advertising agency UNIQUE/MA 48; IRENE SACKMANN and KATJA SEIFERT are back in the studio; TIBO EXENBERGER/Konditorei Zauner/Bad Ischl and Andreas Lackner with enchantingly delicious illustrations on the wall, plus print products and packaging... just to name a few.

CLARA BERLINSKI and her fresh style of illustration is responsible for the invitation of UPDATE in Berlin. Details are coming soon.
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