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featured by GoSee Cannes : CANNES LIONS 2019 is dead - long live CANNES LIONS, a quick look back on the marketing event of the year and an 8-minute video with impressions from the Palais de Festival on the Croisette from GoSee correspondent Rolf Scheider

Cannes Lions is kind of like Santa Claus – half of us, particularly the younger ones, still believe in it while older folks have their doubts. They moan and groan across social media but still can't seem to turn their backs completely to this nice, somewhat aged event. For some, it is a cherished tradition. Others do business more or less shamelessly around the event.

And they all wonder if anyone at all knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes, who's got all the jobs, who is sitting on the next big thing – the organizers most likely included. For everyone, it is hard to believe what can happen in only one week of advertising – and how all the gifts and awards can be distributed in such a short time without anybody getting the slightest glimpse of Santa.

The CANNES LIONS are and will always be an institution that you probably just have to see as as advertiser – at least once. Egos as big as yachts, names of the invited podium participants as dazzling as a Hollywood promo tour. How much the festival has changed can be seen if you have followed the event on site for decades like our GoSee correspondent Rolf Scheider. What started as a serious, white men's club, is now a festival which has opened up in parallel to society and to all relevant target groups. Women, actors, musicians, billionaires, wellness experts, pride activists, Scandinavians... everything is worth a headline, is perfect for a panel and is good for a Cannes Lion – and most importantly: worth hearing and communicating.

From an event originally designed as a competitive exhibition to define excellent advertising, the festival has developed to become a very special circus event in the positive sense of the word. Actor Jeff Goldblum, singer-songwriter John Legend, actress Laura Dern, singer Tom Odell, Wyclef Jean, and Camila Cabello were just a few of this season's attractions – which goes to show that even the less publicity-driven program was a must-see. Panels worth mentioning included: 'Who is the next generation of consumers? What happens with the Millennial consumers? How do we really want to connect with generation Z? What about the evolution of masculinity? What’s with border uprisings?' Or: 'What will happen in the LGBTQ community?'

Rolf Scheider filmed for us on site – here are 8 minutes with a few impressions from the palace. Enjoy!
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featured by GoSee Cannes : Saatchi & Saatchi New Creators Showcase 2019 dares to change the name in its 29th year and was hosted by Saatchi & Saatchi Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer Kate Stanners – we have a few photos and a short video from our correspondent Rolf Scheider for you on GoSee

Cannes' Thursday morning is a long-standing tradition in its own right now in its 29th year : The Saatchi & Saatchi New Creators Showcase called, and more than 2000 delegates were once again more than glad to stand in line at the Festival Palais in Cannes. The Showcase started under a new name – Directors was replaced by Creators to pay tribute to creativity already in the event title – and presentes of great filmic works. GoSee brings you a few film clips and exemplary : 'Billy Boyd Cape – Pride In London – Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. Because : PRIDE matters – and we for sure have come a very long way... but there is still a long way to go. #pridematters. Thank you London.

This was NCS 2019 :
Anna Mantzaris - Enough
Billy Boyd Cape - Pride In London Somewhere Over The Rainbow
BRBR - Héroes
Calmatic - Vince Staples FUN!
Claudia Barral - __ /__ /__ (Places)
Cool 3D World - Chefs
Dani Pearce - Backpedal
Daniel McKee - If you never answered x
Ella Dobson - Conception: When Your Child's Bogeyman is Real
Jérémy Comte - Fauve
Jun Ho - Eye Bags
Maya & Mati Kochavi - Eva Stories
Nothing Lost - Big Tobz WOKE
Paco Raterta - The Prodigy Timebomb Zone
Robert Strange - Everybody Wants To Be Famous
Thomas Webb
Victor Haegelin - Patagraph
Winnie Cheung - Albatross Soup
Yoann Stehr - À corps
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ADC Germany and 'Creative Intelligence' – Germany's Creative Festival (21 May – 2 June in Hamburg) deals with the future of people, brands and machines and brings Jonathan Meese and Pussy Riot back on stage

More than 50 international industry leaders and decision makers from the areas of design, digital, art, advertising, business and science are speaking at the ADC congress and open-space stage on 23 and 24 May. They will discuss topics such as 'Creative Intelligence' and the future of people, brands and machines in Hamburg. Equal rights for men and women in the creative industry will certainly also be among them. The key motif came from illustrator and artist Mark GMEHLING c/o VISUALEYES.

“He is a superstar of the international art scene: Jonathan Meese is the world-renowned enfant terrible and sometimes also the world's savior. How so? His "dictatorship of the art" is supposed to save our planet. After a four-year break, Meese is coming back on stage for us for the first time at the ADC Congress stage with a performance entitled "Machine K.U.N.S.T,” says ADC.

Together with Hermann Vaske (Director of "Why are we creative?"), Maria Alyokhina, political activist (Pussy Riot), will be on stage at the ADC Congress on 23 May 23 to speak about the responsibility of creators in politically turbulent times. Masha is one of the founders of PUSSY RIOT and does not mince her words even after being arrested: She is now touring the world with her band "Pussy Riot Theater".

What will the media industry of tomorrow be like in a digitalized world? Hamburg content startup THE DISTRIQT has the answer. A video platform with magazines, talks and reportages, all between 3 to 30 minutes long.

Andreas Schimmelpfennig is jury chairman for 'Communication in Space' for the 2019 ADC competition. In the interview , the Creative Director and CEO of Elastique shares what happens when you give robots human features. And what is decisive for creativity in his opinion.

At the ADC Award Show on the evening of 24 May, Germany's most creative communication will be honored. The ADC Festival 2019 is taking place at Kampnagel. The ADC exhibition will then display the award-winning cases in Hamburg's Museum der Arbeit through 2 June. ROLF SCHEIDER & HUBERT will report from the ADC Festival for GoSee!
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