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'Panini' – the new music video by Lil Nas X (Old Town Road) with a triple dose of CHIMNEY VFX support

Lil Nas X (* 9 April 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia; real name: Montero Lamar Hill) is an American rapper and singer. He made his big breakthrough with his country-rap breakout single "Old Town Road", that went viral and through the roof on TikTok at the beginning of 2019. The song was number 1 on US Billboard Hot 100 for an incredible 19 weeks – longer than anyone ever before since the charts were founded in 1958. That and more than a billion streams on Spotify logically led to two MTV Video Music Awards. In June 2019, Nas X had his coming out as a homosexual – making him the first artist to do so from the number one spot on the charts.

We present you his 'Panini' video on GoSee that was created in a cross-border global collaboration: Chimney's LA, NYC and Warsaw offices all worked simultaneously on the elaborate VFX for top hip hop star Lil Nas X. "The final result is this snazzy 3-minute version of Blade Runner… realized in just one month." CHIMNEY is thrilled to tell GoSee. On YouTube, the clip – produced by Lord Danger and directed by Mike Diva aka Mike Dahlquist - already has more than 31 million views ... GoSee:
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Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up... Madonna's new song 'God Control' with VFX support from Chimney Group Stockholm

“Everybody knows the damn truth
Our nation lied, we lost respect
When we wake up, what can we do?
Get the kids ready, take them to school
Everybody knows they don’t have a chance
To get a decent job, to have a normal life...”

The CHIMNEY Stockholm office was responsible for the complete sound design and VFX for Madonna's newest music video 'God Control'. The video has, not entirely unexpected, chalked up some 3.8 million clicks throughout the Net and has sparked a bit of controversy with its explicit imagery. The video was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, who had the honor of realizing the 'American Life' video for the Goddess of Pop back in 2003.

'God Control' was just released on Madonna’s 14th studio album entitled MADAME X. The song, similar to 'I Rise', is themed upon the catastrophic gun control policy in the United States. Featured on the track alongside a volley of gunfire, a typewriter and Madonna is also the Tiffin Children’s Choir, consisting of more than 80 children from Kingston.

Although the opening sequence establishes New York as the setting, the club scenes were filmed at the historic Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. In an interview with people magazine, Madonna shares the following about her song : “Seeing the reality, and the brutality of things makes you wake up. This is really happening. This is what it looks like. ‘Does it make you feel bad? Good, ’cause then maybe you will do something about it.”

About – Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. She is a cha cha instructor, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a teacher, a nun, a cabaret singer, a saint, a prostitute... GoSee :
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GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN - five explosive seconds of film by RAJDARN ELDORADO c/o CHIMNEY GROUP for you on GoSee

"Dive into an explosive freshness. An overdose of citrus introduces a reckless energy, while rosemary boosts the liveliness of the opening notes. Powdery notes of iris feel lighter and more daring. Gentleman Givenchy Cologne also asserts its personality through a raw and timeless vetiver as well as a touch of ambroxan and musk." GIVENCHY says about its fragrance. 

RAJDARN ELDORADO c/o CHIMNEY GROUP took the idea of explosive freshness quite literally. We have his five-second film for you on GoSee.
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