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Welcome to PINROLL, Zurich, the new concept store and specialist for sneakers - Christof Schmidt photographs the stills for the opening campaign including a 15-second film

To celebrate the opening of trendy sneaker store PINROLL in Zurich, photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT, also from Zurich, was commissioned to create photos and a short video for promotional purposes. The material is used on the social media platforms of the sneaker concept store.

Pinroll is a concept store and sneaker specialist. Awaiting sneaker aficionados and addicts-to-be at the store on Forchstrasse 31 in Zurich is a carefully curated selection of shoes and matching accessories. Available alongside exclusive models are vintage and retro sneakers, and Pinroll also buys and sells well-kept second-hand sneakers. Hallmark of the entire range is its impressive exclusivity : “Our vision is to become THE sneaker institution in Switzerland. We are dealers, resellers, service providers and a cultural meeting point. And we are the first Sneaker Laundry in Zurich!” The final touches in post production also came from Christof Schmidt. GoSee :
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HANDMADE POUFS - staged as light as a feather in the studio by photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT

Swiss photographer CHRISTOPH SCHMIDT shot these beautiful and handmade poufs for the webshop of a client from the area of interior design. We have the purist motifs with the beautiful and extraordinary seating furniture for you here on GoSee.
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'THE CITY I LIVE IN' – photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT presents you personal work from his hometown Zurich here on GoSee

A bit of color, lots of black & white, velos, dark clouds, stretch jeans ... the personal street art spread concisely captures the everyday around Lake Zurich. It was photographed by Zurich-based photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT in his hometown of Zurich.

"I photographed the spread over a longer period of time in Zurich, always in search of that moment of being unnoticed. The photos were taken with a digital 35mm camera and a Lomo LC-A with 35mm Ilford film." Christof lets us know.
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