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'Frozen Design' – CHRISTOF SCHMIDT presents experimental detail photos of a Porsche in winter

Experimental detail photos of a Porsche in winter are presented by CHRISTOF SCHMIDT with this personal color and form study on GoSee. "When temperatures dropped below zero and it started to get frosty, I found it particularly interesting to photograph with only the light of a lantern."
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SWISS CUP ZURICH campaign - CHRISTOF SCHMIDT photographs the Swiss National gymnasts in impressive action

For the annual gymnastics event SWISS CUP ZURICH in its namesake city, CHRISTOF SCHMIDT had the honor of photographing Swiss national gymnasts for its announcement. The photos are used for various print media and also shown on posters in the city of Zurich. Responsible for conceptual realization of the blackened clothing and editing the photos were the image editors from Ansichtsache AG. 

In the international world of gymnastics, Swiss Cup Zurich, now in its 36th year, is considered a top event. This is not only thanks the contribution by world-class athletes attending the event and the exciting competition mode but also to the highly professional organization of the gymnastics spectacle. Go & See:
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'OVER THE CITY' - cityscapes by landscape specialist Christof SCHMIDT

A great passion of photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT's are landscape photos. Many of which are available from the stock photo agency Maground. We present you a few nightly cityscapes on GoSee. For those who do not recognize it immediately: the motifs are from the beautiful city of Vienna at night.
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