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Antonia Zander cashmere knitwear with hair & make-up by Cristoph GAMBECK c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

Cristoph GAMBECK c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY supported the shoot for the latest collection of Antonia Zander cashmere knitwear. For the camera of Philipe Arlt, blonde model Sarah Meier struck the perfect pose. Serving as Fashion Director was Designer Antonia Zander.
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TAMRON campaign with beauty support by Michaela KIRETA c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY, photographed by Sallyhateswing in Bali

Since it was founded in 1950, Tamron – manufacturer of finest quality optical products – has consistently worked toward developing precision optical products fueled by plenty of creativity and originality. In Bali, Sallyhateswing photographed for TAMRON Germany. Michaela KIRETA c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY was in charge of hair & make-up.
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